Do you ever buy a clothing item thinking you will get good use of it and then only wear it once or twice?

I was going through my closet last night and found more than a dozen shirts that I wore once and never wore again.

Does anyone else do that?

this usually happens when we buy things on impulse, I have done that twice and I promised myself never to do that again.

I have 30 hoodies and I wear about 5, 10(?) pairs of shoes and I wear about 4, and 13 pairs of jeans and I wear about 5. I waste too much money. =[ Talk about a bad habit. I have over 100 pairs of socks… almost all of them are old and worn out. Money well spent haha. Also my boyfriend banned me from buying pj pants because I have 10-15 and I wear 3… occasionally.

I do that a lot. Especially with pants. I am SO picky with pants, but no matter if it’s an impulse buy or something I’ve hunted around for for hours, I either wear them a lot or like a couple ot times. Grr.

Yes… and I was surprised to find out that because I wear everything in my closet…at least I thought! Lol

all the time

im bad about buying something because its on clearance and never taking it out of my closet!!

All the time unfortunately.

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