Deleting contacts on iPod touch?

I let a coworker check out my iPod touch last week.
He logged onto yahoo instant messenger, now people
in his friend list 'autofill' when I'm typing e mail addresses.
I don't use yahoo im, so I deleted it. But they still show up
in my e mail. Any suggestions? Any way to prevent this in the future?

Well, first of all you have to go get Yahoo Messenger back and send his friends inappropriate messages under his login. It’s mandatory to do so when you get access to someone’s IM/Facebook/Email, and it serves him right for leaving you this mess to clean up 🙂

BECAUSE unfortunately there is no way to get bad/old/incorrect email addresses out of the iTouch mail cache, and it’s a native app that can’t be deleted. I have a duplicate of a frequently used email in mine that I entered with a typo, and so about 50% of the time I pick the wrong one. Deleting your email acct from the iPod and adding it again doesn’t work either, they’re really in there for good. If you use MobileMe, you might be able to back up your other data, delete his contacts from your MobileMe and then restore your iPod to factory if it’s going to be a huge pain. This thread (… shows that it is still an issue, and no one knows exactly what is coming in the new OS, but maybe this will be fixed with the update…

If you want to stop it from happening again, there are a few things you can do…

You can go into Settings>General>Restrictions and put a passcode protect on the app store so that if you lend it out again, no one can download apps like YM. There is no way yet to password protect just the email app, so it would be possible for someone to set up their email account and then all of their email addresses they send to would be in your cache, so the best you could do is ask them not to use the email or any text or messenger service, tell them you’ll have their contacts in your phone forever and that you’re really REALLY good with PhotoShop….

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