Can two male dogs get along?

I have a six year old West Highland Whit Terrier (male) And the same kind of bread female. The female got pregnant, and had five puppies. My mom told me that I could keep one, if we get rid of the mom dog (of coarse this would be done after the puppies are 8 weeks). The main reason I got the female dog was because…

Well, even if you are the pack leader in your house, when your not there, one of the dogs WILL be dominant. Se there is sort of two leaders. If you have two un-neutered dogs there may be trouble because niether of them will wanna back down when they ‘argue’. We have two male dogs though, one neutered. But the other isn’t and the UN neutered one is the dominant one. Whats funny is that when they are eating, the neutered one eats last. When they are getting left overs, the un-neutered one is first. They get what they want but I’m the REAL pack leader.
So yes. You can have two dogs as long as you train them right. But beware! When you get the other one, have them meet on a territory that NONE of them are familiar with. Or else, the one that you already have will likely be aggressive with the newcomer.
(And by the way- ignore all these people who are NOT answering the question and are telling you to ‘stop breeding dogs’ and ‘neuter and spay!’. They just want points and are skipping the actual question.)
Good Luck!

Hi I am speaking from first hand experience. I have a 3 year old pitbull, and a 2 year old chocolate lab.The lab has to be mixed with wolf bc he has alot of hair and he is big, my pitbull is an American Staffordshire Terrier which is a medium sized pitbull.Both would be considered large breeds though…Anyways, my pit is neutered and when we first introduced them to each other my pit was 1 and my lab was a pup.They got along wonderfully.There were never any attacks that i can remember.My pit was always the Alpha dog.As the lab got older, he got tired of being the underdog and he started growling at my pit to show he was the Alpha.This is when lil attacks started.But they could still stay together.Then as time went on the attacks got worse till one day, they almost killed each other.IT was scary and blood and hair was everywhere.They couldn’t be pulled apart and even hitting them w/ blunt objects didn’t help.They would have fought to the death if more ppl hadn’t shown up to pull them apart.Now they can’t even look at each other without fighting so the lab lives with me and the pit lives at my moms.It is sad bc they used to get along so well.I wouldn’t risk it if I were you.There will always be one that wants to be the top dog, neutered or not…Introducing females into the equation with 2 male dogs only worsens things. Get a male and a female.They know their places automatically so fighting is minimal….The lab may have some probs with other males though bc he even growls at male puppies.If he can’t tap it then he wants nothing to do with it.My pit really doesn’t mind other dogs though.They are both just so dominant I guess.

You’re probably going to get beat up pretty heavily over your reasons for breeding in this forum so I’ll let my opinion on that lie dormant and simply answer your question. Yes, two whole males will more than likely eventually fight. It is just the nature of how dogs work. It’s not impossible and people are able to keep multiple same sex dogs but they are strong leaders, breeders and trainers. You would need to be prepared to keep the dogs in separate space giving them both what they need and few people have the time and dedication to do that. Again, I’m not saying that WOULD be the case but there is a good chance and you would need to be able to accept that going into that decision which in my mind would not be a good one.

Male dogs can get along if their temperaments do well with each other. Since the older male will have known the younger male since it was a puppy, he will probably accept it. If the puppy hits adolescence and decides to take on dad for top dog status then there could be trouble.
I won’t comment about your reasons for producing a litter of puppies.

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Can two male dogs get along?
I have a six year old West Highland Whit Terrier (male) And the same kind of bread female. The female got pregnant, and had five puppies. My mom told me that I could keep one, if we get rid of the mom dog (of coarse this would be done after the puppies are 8 weeks). The main reason I got the…

Yeah, it is hard to read your post and not just head straight for the car wash , roll up the windows and SCREAM.

If there was ever a text book case for NOT permitting infamous `back yard breeders` to breed, you would be the poster boy. Shame on you.

So, here`s the answer – Dogs are not empty vessels waiting to be filled. They are breathing sentinent creatures with a spirit that deserve your compassion. You had her knocked up and the fact she is not doing well is not a reason to dump her.

However, if you are just going to tie her in the yard to rot, then please find her and her pups a good home and neuter that male so that you don`t make the same mistake twice.

And will two males fight – you betcha. Can you train them not to -maybe – but owning dogs require a commitment and work and your post does not inspire much confidence.

All of that is just too confusing to read, so to answer the question in the title, I have 4 males that get along great, I don’t put up with any of the rival crap when I first get a new one

If I have read all this correctly, you bought yourself a female Westie just to have puppies sired by your Westie male, who you kept because his mother died? And you now intend, on your mum’s request, to dump this female, and keep a male puppy from her litter. How delightful!! Throw away commodity this female eh.

Yes, you could keep a male puppy, but as neither he, nor his sire, will know they are son and father, and as they are terriers particularly, chances are they will fight, when your male puppy reaches maturity – and especially as the sire has now been used at stud. This is far from a happy scenario, and quite frankly you should keep your original male, the sire, have him castrated, and keep the mum, and get her spayed Chances are she’s passed on her poor temperament (bad mother!) to her puppies in any case. Sell the puppies – using the income from their sale to get the neutering programme done.

End of.

Why don’t you just keep the mama dog, (who has worked very hard to carry those puppies to term and is VERY confused about motherhood) rather than a puppy that you do not plan to neuter and may not get along with its father?

What a sour deal for that poor girl- bought her just to get her knocked up with plans to only ditch her later in favor of one of her sons.

The male puppy and his father may never get along, due to the fact that they will both keep their testicles.

Yes, and No. One has to be the dominant & the other just a follower. If one is older and one is been around the dog since its a puppy- should be no problem. You must understand they will playfight and you might think they are fighting- when theyre not.. When they get older, Take them out one at a time- theyre more likely to fight when no one is around.

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