Bipolar Mother-In-Law?

Last month my Mother-In-Law who is Bipolar called my husband saying she took a bunch of medicine and wanted to die. She called other family members to say her last good-byes. She also threw my sons Christmas presents into the road in front of her house. When we got there she was pretending to be messed up and…

I agree with you, don’t let those babies out of your sight. The momma thing…whatever, she IS a momma, albeit a crazy one…

Is she always this way, or just recently? It’s possible your husband is taking the long view, that his mother is usually pretty stable, and only recently was her behavior out of control. Most people with bipolar are not in crisis all of the time. I know I have out of control behavior occasionally, but I would be OK babysitting most of the time, for a few hours, and anyone who knows me would agree. You should ask your husband, given his mom’s RECENT behavior, why he thinks she is well enought to babysit right now. Is he in denial, or is the issue that he knows her much better than you do? Or do you dislike her, and this is affecting what you think?

Be really really careful here – this is your husband’s mother. There’s nothing wrong with telling your mother in law that her behavior last month scared the bejesus out of you. It might be helpful to open up a dialogue on this issue.

Stand your ground and DO NOT let this woman baby-sit your son. I would never leave my baby with someone in that situation-ever!
You are going to have to make your husband understand what an unacceptable situation and it is. Too much is at risk. If she can’t handle her own life – how on earth can she watch over someone else?
If she wants to spend time with your son, she needs to do so supervised. I would suggest that you be the one supervising. I don’t know if your husband fully realizes the severity of the situation and he might be tempted to trust her and leave your son with her. With her being so unstable, you never know what might happen even in a short amount of time.

By the way the “Momma” name for her is not appropriate, “Nanna” would be appropriate. You are his Momma not her.

Your child’s safety comes first,so do not,by no means,ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO BE ALONE WITH THIS WOMAN,especially considering your son is still a baby and unable to defend himself.Even if your ex-husband gets mad at you-don’t give in.I mean,I am bipolar and I understand that we are entitled to living our own lives just like everyone else,but sometimes when we get out of control it’s better for others to protect themselves,because there are times when we get to a point where can no longer control ourselves.

Of course you shouldn’t risk the safety of your child. It would be really irresponsible to leave your son in the care of a mentally ill person who doesn’t seem to be able to take care of herself. Don’t let your husband talk you into something so stupid. I’m sure they both just mean well, but it can be really hard for sick people to realize that they’re being irrational, or for their loved once to accept that they can’t take care of themselves, let alone others.

Not no, but HELL NO! That Momma thing is just over the top, NO, no and HELL NO, don’t give her the opportunity to cause more drama and problems in your life. You need to be at work and KNOW your Son is safe! Men are IDIOTS!

No. You are absolutely right and further you are the child’s mother it is above all your decision.
It really is pathetic that she needs your child to call her mamma. Perhaps you could do it this way, teach the child to call her Mamma Fran (whatever her first name is). People do that in the American south. Also Nana or Nan. It is totally inappropriate for your child to call her simply mamma, or mother, or mom. It can also confuse the child.

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I wouldn’t personally it’s too risky. But if she does end up babysitting you can make her take her bipolar medication in front of you so you know she isn’t going to fly off the handle.

take some aluminum foil, duct tape(handy man’s secret weapon and redneck tool of choice) and some of the parts of the old cars and trucks that the mean bipolar redneck has left and broken down in her yard and make a suit of armor from that.

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