Are there any Christians on R&S who..?

-Understand and accept why an atheist would not believe in a God, and can accept the evidence an atheist sees as evidence enough for them, and theyre not stupid or ignorant because of it?

-Understand and accept that it is a possibility that the Bible was not inspired by God, and knows the reasons why someone may…

I am never cruel to anyone……

Once before I sat in a christian church wearing black trousers and shirt, red t-shirt, and a long black leather jacket and had a sketch pad with me……
I sat there for a while trying to draw and who walked past me? some one with a smile on their face…… do you know who that was?
someone who probably goes to church on a regular basis……

I have no religion but I understand others beliefs…… they can keep their beliefs to themselves and not bother me with things from a mere book that can be changed and rewritten (some of which yeah I admit MAYBE true, but some of it just doesn’t sit right……)
Eve wasn’t the first woman it was Lilith……
Satan didn’t trick man to fall from god’s grace it was Lilith……

I believe that there are TWO MAIN GODS and one goddess…… not just one god and no goddess…… but I do not disrespect the christian views anymore than the person across the road from me……

Everyone has their own beliefs just accept it, don’t try to shove your religion down people’s throats…… (not saying anyone was but that is something that many have tried before and are still doing it……)

Do not confuse religion with belief……

One can have christian beliefs but does that make them a christian? No…… why? Because they might be a Satanist……
One can be Muslim and have christian beliefs……
A Buddhist might have christian beliefs……
And so on and so forth……

I choose not to have a religion simply because of this:

Religion is broken…… beliefs are indestructible…… religions can be destroyed, converted, adopted, remade anew, say it how you like but one thing remains the same:


I believe that both Yahweh and Satan coexist for they are surely gods are they not? You cannot kill a god therefore Satan is in fact a god……
Yahweh cleans up Satan’s mess for he is in a rage…… he cannot find their mother after she passed away……
But don’t forget that Mother Nature exists everywhere…… try explaining that one to Satan you will only get anger and frustration from him……
They are just two of the many gods that are out there……
I do not dismiss the other gods…… I simply chose to have two as my main gods and one goddess as my goddess the others? They are like subordinates, helpers or just another god of another religion……

Thanks for a great question Danielle……



P.S. I only told you all of this so you would understand……
anyone who doubts my beliefs and say I am wrong in what I believe in…… they should just take a long walk out in the fresh cool air of the night and calm down before they hurt themselves any further……

Thank you all for reading this……

There is ignorance in every religion, or lack thereof. Just because someone doesn’t have the same beliefs as me doesn’t make them stupid. I can understand an Atheist view point or a Bhuddist, or a Pagan, etc….
I wish everyone could feel God’s love like I do, so I do think you are missing out. But that’s just my opinion. You don’t know how I feel, therefore in your eyes you aren’t missing out.
Believing the Bible is inspired by God is part of my faith. I do believe that people can twist God’s word and make it say what they want. People do it on Y/A all the time.

I accept and stand up for your right to believe as you wish! I used to be agnostic and my morals didn’t really change when I became a Christian. I know you can be moral. I have never called an atheist stupid, though they have called me moron and other terms from deluded to odious. I have no interest in converting you, but I can’t help but think that atheists are missing out on a beautiful part of the human experience. I do think that an atheist should look into Buddhism or UU or some form of spirituality that doesn’t require a deity.

I am open to ALL religions. Obviously, I think that mine is the best, not to sound bigoted or anything. I think everyone thinks that their religion is the best, which is why I sometimes think that getting into a big nasty argument will only make things worse. Athiests do have valid reasons to believe (or not believe) what they do. I think that if you don’t want to believe something, then you won’t, and I try to avoid that, but it is just human nature. We are all close-minded at times; even the best of people can be close-minded. I wonder what the world would be like if everyone was open minded…?

Here I am, speaking up.

Yes to all of your questions.

Now, do YOU understand and accept that most of us are really good people whose hearts are in the right place? And are you mature enough to admit that some atheists talk a lot of trash about us?

Will YOU acknowlege that it is immature of SOME atheists to insult us and call us idiots, retarded, “special” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)?

Please show me how I attacked you and was mean, if you refer to me. All I do is ask you to acknowledge that some atheists do not even attempt to understand US.

If you can’t do this, then you’re blind, sweet girl.

Sure, I was married to an atheist for almost 15 years. I understood his point of view. I didn’t agree with it, but I did keep my peace about my own beliefs.

Yes, there are lots of us, and no one is attacking you that I saw. People just ask if you will admit that atheists act the same way that some Christians do.
Will you?

I’ll answer numbered
1.I understand and accept this

2. I do not accept this, but I accept you accepting this

3.I accept this

4.I know I DO have God in my heart. I’ve seen things happen by request. I do not claim anyone to be anything, but I ask you go to GOD before you say anything related to him is false!

I will listen to everything, but in the end I go to God to get answers as well. He is my ultimate resource for judging whether or not anything is sound and accurate.

Hello sweet ((((((( Danielle )))))))

I do..

After all how can I judge someone, that believes the same way I used to.. 🙂

I have walked in their to speak.. 🙂

I accept the person, not their faith, beliefs or thoughts..

If we cut ourselves, do we not all bleed..

If someone is hungry, do we look at their beliefs or thoughts..Or do we feed them?

If we see someone in a car accident, do first ask what they believe..Before we help?

If we have a ~Loved~ one that has just passed away..Do we not all want comfort in our hour of grief?

((((((( HUGS )))))))

Great Question, dear one.. 🙂

In Jesus Most Precious Name..
With ~Love~ your “Friend” In Christ.. 🙂

Yes, I am one of those.

Do YOU acknowledge that many of us are nice?

Do YOU admit that some atheists act like a$$ holes towards us?

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