Are McCain supporters concern that the “Youth Vote” will give Senator Obama the edge that he needs to win?

Judging from these answers, McCain supporters apparently think that either there is no “youth vote” because clearly we’re all apathetic and disinterested, or that Obama will get the vote because we’re all stupid and uninformed.

The truth is that young people have gotten involved in this election at an unprecedented level. And “getting involved” doesn’t simply mean fist-pumping at a rally. Believe it or not, those of us who want to vote actually learn about the issues. I’d suggest that all of those people go around and look at what the young people on here are actually saying.

The only Youth Vote that Obama will get is the – Youth in Asia Vote.

YES because its hard to guage the youth vote. almost all polls do not poll cell phone users. How many people do you know that almost never use a landlines?

if the youth vote increases by 20% or more it will have a big impact on the election

No. Ever since I have been alive, every 4 years democrats and the media have touted the, “youth vote” will make the difference. Never once have they ever brought more than 16% of their numbers to the polls. Mind you, this dates back to the 1960’s and has never once made a difference.

He can’t get the kids to vote for him and McCain can’t rely on houseplants to vote for him…

at least he can count on the votes of the racist’s on Y answers

Well whenb he’s offering them $40.00 and hour to vote him, that may just work.

Obama’s Plan $4000 towards cost of education for 100 community service work.

Sounds like a bribe

McCain will not get the youth vote, because the youth do not vote, it is retirees that vote.
What happened to P. Diddys vote or die?
I guess they died….

They are mostly ignorant children
Though some are more uncouth
Which is why I sarcastically dub them
The Obama Hitler Youth

First time voting, and it’s sure as hell not going to be for Obama.

They’re concerned about any/every vote going Obama’s way, including their very own party’s. I would be nervous, too.

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