Anime Poll #40 (Anime Week-Naruto Day)?

First of all….. Happy 40th anniversary to DarthRaider666's Anime Poll….. >:D

Second of all, welcome to Anime Week!!! If you don't know about that, visit this link!;_ylt=AoP6pN8Ous6DFNbXjvfYEFfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080307173649AADBO50
Well it's Naruto Day…

1)a kind of. there is chakra but it cant be harnessd like they use it in naruto…but in real life there is aura (its like ones soul energy)…which is made of chakra (there are said to be 8 types)…which is made of the ties of the body and mind…which r said to be made of belifes, experiences, phisical traits and ect.

I pick C, because I think there is such a thing as chakra in real life but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t give us the abilities to do shadow clone jutsu and all that stuff! However it would be pretty cool if it did!

Happy Naruto Day by the way! 😛

I want to learn B) Taijutsu!! 😀 Actually, anything that has to do with swords + nature manipulation. Like Asuma’s Hien and Sasuke’s Kusanagi usage…. because they look cool. And [email protected]$$. I’m not good at remembering seals in Ninjutsu…. 8D


But I actually do beleive in Chakra, Hinduism uses it and i geuss they can heal people and stuff.

But other then that i am going to use Oodama Rasengan with my shadow Clones.

Hmm, I guess I’ll say B. I mean, if there were chakra, don’t you think they’d be places where we could train to use it (ninja academys don’t exist…at least I don’t think so…>.<).

B. It is fictional but in real life someone told me that it’s you posotive and negative energy. By that I mean your emotions.

C….4 the same reason as u… 😛

the monks do it

A or C I guess


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