Am I doing enough to get into a good college?

I just finished my freshman year, but I want to make sure I'm on track because I'd really like to get into a top school like UC Berkeley, Georgetown, Pomona or even Stanford (but I know already that's a HUGE long shot). I had a 4.0 last year taking two honors classes (you can't take AP classes as a…

Wow… definitely seems like the right track, only thing I can think of is to add a sport. My friends mom is on the admissions board at UCLA and she said it means a decent amount if someone can balance out a heavy course load with a sport at the same time.
I graduated with a 4.1 and played varsity soccer all 4 years of high school, I got into a few schools I didnt ever expect to get into.
The private school wont make much of a difference, may even help you out a bit, and the 2-1 AP is nothing, dont worry about that haha

You are definitely on a very, very good track–great GPA, fantastic extracurriculars, and you’re taking AP classes as a sophomore (pretty rare–people usually start their junior year.) Take as many AP classes as you can (though not so many that you struggle and your GPA drops.) Focus on doing well on the SAT; you should aim for over 2000. Keep your grades up. But it’s looking really good for you. And no, it will not hurt that you go to a private school.

I know plenty of people who have had 4.0s their whole life and taken many AP classes, been head of student body etc…but schools like those would be more likely if you did more extracurricular activities so that they can see you can handle that and school. Try a sport, or band, or musicals…something along those lines and it would definitely boost your chances. Although you sound very intelligent and if you keep it up into your senior year would be great for one of those schools. good luck!

It extremely relies upon on what you advise by using a good training. in case you advise Ivy League, you’ll want extremely some added-curricular interests and a o.k. SAT/ACT score. in case you advise faculties alongside the line of UNC, Syracuse, Penn State, or George Washington you could desire to be ready to get in extremely devoid of situation with a three.40 5 gpa.

You’re on track, but so are thousands of other students who will never be accepted to an elite college.

You can improve your chances by enrolling in IB (International Baccalaureate) and doing well.

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