AIDS QUESTION about religions views?

Is religion positive or negative towards AIDS epidemic?

why would any one be positive

sorry, but this question doesn’t make any sense. Are you asking if religions are reacting positively or negatively? Well most sane religions want to help the people of the world, so I’m assuming they’d react to help. Are you asking if religion is the cause? No. Are you trying ask something else? be more clear next time?

Back in the early 80’s, when Gay Men were just starting to die from AIDS, many churches welcomed it as “God’s Retribution” towards a group they despise, even today. I know, I was there and I have seen how vile christian people can be towards Gays.

Now, by all means, give me all the thumbs down and deny your hatred towards us “Homosexuals”, but I know the truth about you. You would dance on our graves if you could. You act all “nice and loving” now because it is not as politically and socially acceptable to express the real content you have against us, but deep down inside, you are still the same.

Idiots like Westboro Baptist Church openly thank God for AIDS. They will picket at the funerals of those who die of the disease (even babies), harass the mourners, even spitting on them. They are sick, sick people.

But people like the late Falwell and Pat Robertson are not much better. Robertson, back when he thought God wanted him to be president, actually stated publicly that AIDS could not be spread by heterosexual contact! Not only is he a liar, but his lies could cost lives.

Real Christians, those who know what love is about, are nothing like that. Mother Teresa was once taken to tour a hospital in NYC where many people were dying of AIDS. Although it was only supposed to be a tour, she immediately went to work, washing and feeding the dying. When asked how she could bring herself to tend to them, she gave a powerful answer that other Christians would do well to heed. She said “Each one of them is Jesus, wearing a most distressing disguise.”

She obviously understood the Gospel message: I has hungry, and you fed Me. I was naked, and you clothed Me. I was sick, and you visited Me… etc.

Often negative, because most of them see sexuality as a taboo topic, so they avoid talking to people and educating them about the benefits + the dangers. Some religious people even want sex ed out of schools! Do they seriously think THAT’S going to help?!

Plus there’s the “abstinence only, no condoms” things, which is completely unrealistic, and probably leads to HIV/AIDS spreading quite a lot.

I cannot think of a positive response to an epidemic.
AIDS, in particular, is tragic.

3 words: Abstinence only education

you can you possibly suggest that there is ANYTHING positive about that? God Bless

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