Im 13 and my BF he broke up with me!!! MY LIFE IS OVER AS WE KNOW IT!!!!!!!!! ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ITS OVER WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

This is what to do. kay
Im going through a break too and this is what im going to do:
go take a long bath and think of things, eat a hold lot of junk food
and talk to your friends they should be there for you,

Step 1::
Call all of your friends – even the ones you may have ignored during your recent relationship – and make plans immediately. Now is not a good time to be alone.

Step 2
Vent when the need arises. Good friends will let you take out the photo album (again) and cry (again) and rant (again) – and they’ll still love you.

Step 3
Allow yourself time to grieve. If you don’t let yourself wallow in self-pity for a while and mourn the good times lost, your heart may harden to future relationships and love.

Step 4
Realize that this sadness will pass.

Step 5
Distract yourself with fun once you’re tired of mourning. Movies, group sports, classes or a favorite CD can help get your mind off your loss.

Step 6
Indulge yourself when you’re feeling lonely. Try a massage, a weekend trip away with a best friend, a great new outfit – whatever helps you feel good about yourself.

Step 7
Begin dating again when you’re ready. Have friends set you up, and go to all those parties you might otherwise skip.

Step 8
Analyze what went wrong in the relationship only after you have rebuilt your self-esteem. If you attempt to do this too soon, you’re headed for another downward spiral.

Step 9
Remember the good aspects of the relationship (there must have been some), and then get excited about the new direction your life is suddenly taking. Change can be awesome!

got from Ehow.com

this is what not to do
Dont call him or message him let him get ahold of you if you to become friends again
or atleast want to talk

Lol this is the funniest thing I have read all day. I’m sorry sweetie, I’m not trying to laugh at your pain. Honest. But, seriously. Ahem. Anyway. Here’s what you do. Call your girlfriends to come over, get a massive vat of Ben and Jerry’s. Sit on the couch and watch chick flicks (not one with happy endings, that will make it worse.). And in probably two days you will be back to your normal self. Cheerio.

girl, get a life. snap back into reality. your 13 for goodness sakes! yes he broke up with you. woopty doo! you know how many other guys are on this planet. you just havent met the right one. You will have that one guy that makes your world stop, and feel like its frozen and you could spend forever with him. but until then, dont frett over this one guy! the world is not over, its just the beginging.

Strange place to have a meltdown.

Short answer: Stop Dating till it’s time to get married. Life is much easier that way.

Its not the end of the world, get a grip. So one guy dumps you, the world doesnt stop spinning. There will be so many other guys.

its not the end of the world, your only 13 it dosent really mean anything right now, you might think it does but just wait untill you’re older 🙂

You are only 13 you may think its the end of the world but it isn’t.
You will have plenty more boyfriends and more break ups.
And they might be worse but you will live:)

Shut up and go watch some care bears series.

Ahh Oh my god oh my god you are only ******* thirteen years old you shouldent have a boyfriend anyway now stop acting like a fricking baby

talk to your mom about it everybody has allot of break ups don’t worry theres a chance he will come back to just don’t worry

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