Milk is Vegetarian food or Non vegetarian ?

It would be better if the answer can be justified with logic.

I do not want to know Laco-vegetarian or Ovo-vegetarian. We can make many such words like 'Chicko-vegetarian', 'Beefo-vegetarian' and so on..
I do not want to analyse it on the basis of people's food habit. In simple word please…

non vegetarian unless it comes from Soy

Some vegetarians drink milk since the cow was not killed in the process. HOWEVER, many vegetarians are highly aware of the cruelty of the dairy industry and do not consume milk for that reason. I am a vegetarian and I do not consume cow’s milk for ANYTHING. I don’t think you can give milk a definite category as being veggie or non-veggie. Vegetarians are vegetarians for different reasons. Some are because medically, they cannot efficiently digest animal products, some are for animal rights, some for religious reasons…the list goes on. The reasoning behind their decision has a lot to do with their personal stance. If I HAD to give an answer, I would say it’s non-veggie. BTW -vegans are the ones who do not consume animal products whatsoever and they would not drink milk. (Some other answerers are a little confused about the difference between vegan and vegetarian)

Sorry but there is no simple answer. Quite bluntly milk involves ‘exploiting’ an animal. There are hardcore vegetarians who argue that raising cows for milk is as harmful to the environment as raising cows for beef. And they have a point. However there are many vegetarians who drink milk & eat cheese – – – –

The simplest way to navigate the maze of vegeatarinism is too view it as Religion – – – there are a great variety in which one can practice their religion. That said – – – in pursuing a vegetarian lifestye you must ask yourself some tough questions – – – eamples, A) a health issue in which one eliminates ‘dead flesh’ in favor of ‘live’ vegetables. or B) conciously avoiding foods that do harm the enviroment, and so on. Clearly milk involves steps that involve ‘exploiting’ animals, but them, maybe cows & goats like getting their t i t s squeezed daily?

As a linear descendent of Dutch Vegeatarians, I say milk & cheese is o-k.


It depends on the type of vegetarian you are following. Some vegetarians believe that any product that comes from an animal (milk, eggs) is not good to eat, some vegetarians will eat fish, others won’t.

Vegetarians do not eat meat or fish, or foodstuffs derived from the slaughter of animals. Milk is neither of these things so it is vegetarians.

Vegans on the other hand take things a step further and eat nothing derived from animals at all. This includes milk, cheese, eggs and honey.

Non Vegetarian

Milk is not to be ingested by grown people. You do not see grown cows still drinking milk after a certain age. This is just for the young calves.
Milk is a non vegetarian drink..its not vegetable and its not made for adults to drink..only the young causes mucus and other harmful side effects in grown ups..

In the strictest meaning of the term, milk is not vegetarian when it is the product of an animal.

Milk is non vegetarian simply coz it comes from an animal!!

‘Vegetarians’ can eat animals products so long as the animal was not killed/harmed in the process. ie eggs, milk etc.

‘Vegans’ do not eat any animals products at all.

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