Is it true time has come to create a new positive world, our own world,?

Shaped and created by each one of us…where everybody can live with peace and respect.


Today’s world is heading for ‘individualism’ and the rights of an individual are suppressing the Society as a whole.e.g. now you can do whatever you wish to do in the name of freedom of expression no matter what impact your ‘expression’ may cause harm on the society.

The world is in confusion. We praise collective WILL of a society in a democracy on one side and individual rights like freedom of expression on the other.

What I mean to say is that individuals are not being treated as the unit of society but as an individual only.

Thus every body has created world of his own.The homos have their own, the lesbians have their own, the hate mongers have their own, the terrorists with their own, believing that they have created a new world order.

This has badly affected the fabric of society & the power of collective society has gone low.

Now How come it is possible to bring about peace & respect for each other with my own world with some other philosophy than yours ?

Yours is a beautiful thought and seems possible only when I include you in my World and you include me in yours. That is where the collective responsibility comes.

A world with different individual worlds within, can not have peace for the world as a whole.

Correct me plz if I’m wrong.


I’m Not Judging This, But You Can’t Create Your Own World, That Would Be Like Trying to Run Away From The Problem. Time will Only Make It Better…But People Have To Be “Willing” To Work On It Together.

No, It’s true that time and everyone in the world has created the world we live in today, yet to say that it’s a new positive word would be outdoing it a bit. Everyone could live with peace and respect but not many do because let’s be honest, they don’t have to. People will continue to live their lives the way they believe they should live them, whether or not it’s with peace and respect is up to the individuate person.

Eden is over. We need to strive to be the best we can. try to do good every day and try to improve the world you live in. However, man is and will always be man. we as a species are self-destructive by nature. If you can call up North Korea and stop them from threatening nuclear war, I will agree. If you can bring Israel and Palastine together and bring peace to the Middle East, I will agree. I assume that you are trying to push the youth to push a new world order of peace and love. You need to also take into account that the youth get their ideology from their elders. the older people retain their hatered from other generations before them. man fuels himself on fear. fear usually generates distrust and hate.

Make the entire world believe they are safe from everything, and you will begin to see peace until greed sets in. then people will try to circumvent the ideals of goodness in order to better their own position in life.

Do the best to improve the world around you, but everyone has an ideal which differs from your own.

The mass of the Earth gets more complex…

…all of the particles that make up Earth have reorganized into more complex forms and will continue to utilize all mass until the Sun loses gas.

If an asteroid makes impact, that means added mass and with time, yes, the Earth will complicate all organizations of matter into their most optimal form.

Presently, the most complicated form of Earth’s mass has been the human being although we are on the fritz of manipulating matter into material that may one day surpass ‘us.’

However, if the human brain is made up of the reptilian, mammalian, and fish brain, it is safe to say man-made technology will one day (actually, man made technology is already being substituted in the brain, in fact acting as ‘crutches’) be completely integrated!

And looking even deeper into the evolved brain are the different part(icle)s that make it up; iron, h20, protein, et cetera…

I think that would be splendid, but Obama as with leaders before him has made this impossible. Things could be a lot better but because of greed in our government, drugs which will never go away, man always seems to want turmoil in their lives. I can out bomb you, I can build better than you, I have power because I can take money from people to make me look good. I don’t care if they are sick and homeless lets go to war, as they beat on their chests….Obama is going to finish us off.

A good dream but first everyone has to start getting along with each other. I would have a hard time myself. I just got cussed out by someone at a stop light because I stopped for the yellow light. Scared me to death. He jumped out of his car to come yell at me. How about we work on road rage first so no one gets killed & then we can move on to the bigger issues.

The most positive world is our-SELF, where we are the source for our own happiness and peace where external events hardly affect our mind ,the world within ourselves

Btw, your question reminded me of my fave song from MJ
Heal the world…

“Heal the world , make a better place for you ans for me and the entire human race”

Not a lot of people live in peace or respect one another, so no


But for persistant and interesting problems(including schismatic ones for the whole of contemporary philosophy) see below,

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