Hey guys ! will you please name some famous holosexuals ? I mean leaders , celebrities , politiciand and …?

(I am trying not to make you guys offended by this question of mine ! I really hope I get successful this time!) As you guys are homosexuals mostly you are likely to know some famous homosexuals . I’d like you to name some of them for me if possible .can you please do this favor !? (I hope no one got offended !)

What about Nathan Lane? Anyone older than me will say he is not gay. He is in his fifties but he did not come out until 1999 after the murder of Matthew Shepard.

Incase you don’t know who Matthew Shepard is, he was a gay college student that was mutilated and murdered. When a farmer found him in his field, he originally thought he was a scarecrow. He had several stab wounds, many bones broken, and both his eyes ripped out. The police knew he was murdered due to being gay because the words, “God Hates F.A.G.S.” were painted in his blood nearby. The two men were charged with First Degree Murder (by Hate Crime) and each sentenced to consecutive life sentences.

Sorry for the backstory by the way.


First off, not every single one of the Greeks were, but it was still heavily practiced among Greeks. It was a cultural thing, too, where the older guy had sex with a younger (not necessarily a kid, but the Greeks married off girls at the same ages or younger) and sponsored his becoming an adult on his own. The Romans picked it up the same way. The Vikings also accepted male homosexuality in the same sort of disrespectful way, where being the passive partner made you less manly.

Edward the II. Various Chinese emperors (Emperor Ai of Han) Mythology figures–the goddess Diana appears to have been from her prolonged embrace of a nymph, Achilles, and others.

Until more recent years in most modern countries, leaders and politicians were way more likely to stay in the closet.

Jason Thompson, Brandon Barash, James Mcavoy, Ryan Gosling

Elanor Roosevelt,Sarah Gilbert,Nell Carter,Lilly Tomlin,Napoleon,William Shakespeare,

Arnold the govnah, Queen Latifah, Eddie Murphy, Pauly Shore, Bill Bellamy, Tea Leoni, Barbara Streisand, and Anderson Cooper

Alexander the Great
John Waters, film producer & writer “Hairspray” “Lust in the Dust”
D.H.Lawrence, writer
Stephen Sondheim, playwrite
Jerome Robbins, playwrite, “West Side Story”
Montgomery Clift, actor
Tennessee Williams, playwrite, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, “A Streetcar Named Desire”
Rob Halford, lead singer of Judas Priest

Da Vinci,,michelangelo,plato,,alexander the Great,all the spartans in the movie 300 gay,,,,really. start with those

michael alan gayboytshirts

ps u don’t have to be gay to know this

Everybody who ever lived in ancient Greece or Rome, and

ELTON JOHN!!!!! (singer) Also, Lance Bass.

what’s up with that obsession with gay people dude? curious?

here you got a link with famous LGBT people in all areas



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