How come Obama blatantly lied again on the cost of premiums rising?

Sen Lamar called him out on it and Obama LIED again and here is the proof

CBO Confirms That Premiums Will Increase Under The Senate Health Care Reform Bill

The CBO today confirmed what many economists, actuaries, and health policy experts have said for weeks: the Senate healthcare reform bill would make…

the constitution does not give the govt the right to control health care.
Obama lies every time his lips move because he is the enemy.

Read the link that you posted. There will be a rise in the individual market, not the group market where a majority of American have health insurance. The group market will see a decrease.

Most of the rise is from improvements in benefits. For example, an individual has high deductible of 5000. With a subsidy, he can now buy insurance with a deductible of 500 and that covers more. To him, the end payment may be same but the premium is higher for one and the individual is better off.

President Barack Obama, speaking at a rally in Philadelphia, said “the American people deserve to know who is trying to sway their elections” and raised the possibility that foreigners could be funding his opponents. “You don’t know,” Obama said at the rally for Senate candidate Joe Sestak and other Democrats. “It could be the oil industry. It could even be foreign-owned corporations. You don’t know because they don’t have to disclose.” No ‘blatant lies’ here. He’s right, all the Chamber has to do is open their books and show where their donations are coming from, but they won’t. The US Chamber of Commerce has openly stated they are going to spend $75 million dollars on Republican only campaigns across the country. If there is even a chance that most of that money is coming from foreign multi-national corporations then it should indeed be disclosed.

He finally admitted that yes cost will go up but your getting a much better deal because you get more for your money. He used his ACME car insurance to “prove” that although he had insurance it was not enough to cover repairs of his crappy car. I would point out, if he has a crappy car, and just needs proof of insurance why should he pay the same price he would pay for a new luxury car. A 21 year old in good health, would be required to have the same insurance as a 68 year old smoker who has ate Bacon and Eggs everyday of his life. How is that fair to the younger generation, who most likely won’t need heart by pass surgery anytime soon.

Insurance costs are going to rise and rise until you can no longer pay yours. You will lose what ever you had from where ever you work. You to will join the millions and millions who do not have, can’t get and will never have. Insurance will fail as it is doing because it is for profit. And once you are a cost not a profit you are gone. Sorry that’s just a fact about for profit anything. Enjoy now and let your kids pay the price as they will because you can not deal with truth.

The only way to prevent prices from rising would be to implement price ceilings on insurance premiums. A little study on economic history will show that price controls like this do more harm than good, of course.

Obama looks you straight in the eye and every word he speaks is a lie

Do you really not know who pays for policies that are passed into law? Do you really not know that they are written to benefit special interest groups?

Given the size and amount of the whoppers being told by the republican leaders why should he be held to a higher standard. It sounds like sour grapes for beating you at your own game.

He did not lie. There is no way to definitively show that premiums will rise. There is a lot of analysis to suggest that they won’t rise.

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