Can somebody help me with child custody advice?

Earlier this summer, I went to my dad's house and I stayed there for weeks after finally deciding that I wanted to live with him instead of my mother. My mother opposed my plans and she had her lawyer give her advice on how to make an unofficial contract of which I 'had' to sign in order to live with my…

The day you turn 18 just move out and nothing she can do

Be very, very wary of calling your state’s CPS office on him. That could reason extra difficulty than it’s worth, until there may be bodily or sexual abuse. In finding any person to be your suggest for coping with CPS earlier than you call them, though, on the grounds that they’ll put off the baby from both of their custody. In the mean time, you must contact a loved ones legal professional to formally set up custody and visitation. Some thing like that have got to be on paper, filed, and made so by means of a judge. You could often do things like that professional se, but that may imply getting his cooperation, which appears unlikely. Make the primary transfer with this and it would go higher for the both of you. Good good fortune. Oh, yes, file the whole thing. Telephone messages, diaper rash (and when you use a digital camera, the opposing legal professional can’t say the dates don’t seem to be proper. EXIF information is digitally stored and are not able to be converted, so the date will be set in stone). I simply got via coping with juvenile courtroom and i am an suggest in coaching to be a voice for mom and dad involved with CPS. I don’t know everything, but i have been there already.

Actually, I think you should be thanking your Mom. She did the right thing by using the contract to get you to understand that having the right to choose also gives you responsibilities that have to be met. You didn’t meet them and I believe the judge does not feel that you are a good judge of where you would be better off. I’m not saying that this is necessarily true, but in this case, you kind of made your own bed and now will have to sleep in it. If you are already seventeen, you have only a few more months to go before you will have the right to make ALL the decisions for your life.Live in peace with your mother and if you are smart, you will listen to her. It does take TWO to tango you know.

It is up to the judge to decide whether or not s/he will take the child’s wishes into account, and most do not. Most, as this one, find that inappropriate, as it is adults who guide children, and not the other way around.

There’s absolutely nothing you can do but make the best of it for a year, then do whatever you’d like.

So you want to live with your dad because he is a pushover? Your mother knows about your condition more than anyone. She isn’t pandering to a spoilt child and your father is taking advantage of this by molly coddling you. Grow up and whenever you feel better and off the medication, go to live with your father.

Get a hold of reality here. You are 17. 18 and you can walk out the door. Due the time and plan your next move.

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