Why do so many “christians” have problems getting along with others?

I see some people here who claim to be christian, but engage in a lot of hate towards others who are different types of christians than they. Why is this? I can see constructive debate or discussions, but to simply belittle or malign another for believing differently when you all allegedly follow the same dude is a…

I don’t think Christianity is designed to facilitate harmony. In the Bible Jesus states that he has “not come to bring peace, but a sword”. In that same statement he talks about turning family members against each other for “his sake”.

I think the answer to this question is simply that many Christians have a hard time getting along with or accepting others because their religion is not a religion of peace and tolerance.

It’s severe insecurity.

They need so badly to “be right” that they are moved to cause conflicts, which they then set out “to win” at all costs.

When they can’t win a conflict with constructive conversations, they resort to attempting to belittle or insult others in an attempt to diminish their opponent and make themselves feel like the victor.

In all fairness I have seen the exact same behavior in the Pagan community as well….it’s not just a christian problem, it’s a human problem.

Good question and I’ve been thinking about that all day. Someone had the nerve to message me claiming I’m not a Christian because I don’t believe homosexuality is a sin. they don’t know me!

Christian behaviors- trying to treat everyone with respect, including their beliefs. here’s my thing:

Who knows the truth? There are so many translations, and denominational versions. I don’t claim people aren’t Christian because of whatever, because that’s not Christ like. In my opinion.

For many protestants, rebellion is in their blood. ALL Protestant sects can trace their lineage to some sort of rebellion led by a human leader. This lineage has been carried through their Churches with vicious pulpit sermons. I agree with you; there is no excuse for such malicious behavior. Anyone who uses the words you speak of, saying they are evangelizing in the name of Christ, is clearly a false Christian. It is one thing to correct others’ doctrinal errors; but to use religious differences as justification for vile personal attacks is simply outrageous and unacceptable. Such people are not to be trusted; they are certainly not in accordance with the aid of the Holy Spirit.

None other is worse than R&S user “richardatf”. Terms he’s used against me during email discussions include…
-momma’s boy
-thumb sucker
-little girl
-evil, pompous, blasphemous disciple of satan
…..along with many more terms, far more profane to print on this forum.

The most amazing thing about richardatf is that, after all this language, he still has the nerve to call himself a follower of Christ.

I seen this beautiful church, and I went there mostly because after the service they will give you a tour. My mom found out about me doing it. (Not gonna name the type of church I went to), and she said now why would you do that? You know it’s not right, I doubt they are real Christians anyway!
I grew up around that prejudice. Obviously, that’s why I ended up the way I am!

i’m christian and i ask the same question… some of them think they are better than others(as if they are gods on earth) and have never sinned. they like to judge things they dont understand. when really nobody really fully understands anything..and they are just close minded heathens in sheeps clothing if u ask me not all.. but alot of them. do you know that most people who claim to be christians dont really even understand its background or know anything about the religion as a whole…..p.s. i am really disheartened by ppl who tell others that they will go to hell.. it erks me and nobody on earth knows where another person will end up. its like wishful thinking.. u wish they would go to hell..which is evil. evil. evil

Because they have it stuck in their minds that they have “the truth” and that their religion, their particular set of beliefs, is the correct way. Ever notice how many times you’ll see one Christian say to another that “you aren’t a True Christian”.

Very large question. I did not read it all, sorry. My opinion is that religion makes you feel like you’re better than other groups of people, much like cheerleaders feel like better people than the nerdy kids. To keep the analogy going, jocks and cheerleaders won’t get along with a bunch of nerdy kids. It’s not that the jocks and cheerleaders arebetter people, but they think they are.

Many evangelical churches in the South had, at one time, ties to the KKK. The KKK was (is) rabidly anti-Catholic. Some of that mentality leaked into the churches, and there it remains today.

You won’t see European Protestants claim that Catholics aren’t Christians.

It sounds like many Christians could learn something from your beliefs.

I think that whatever way christians answer or debate others is going to be seen through “anti-christian” glasses that the heathens wear…in other words we will never be able to make you all happy. You all look for fault in christians to back up your disgust with our faith.

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