If there's an out shooting war between Israel and Iran… who would win and what would it mean for the world?

If these two countries go to war, what would happen?

If Israel wasn’t concerned about backlash from other countries, mostly us, then Israel could wipe out the entire middle east. Iran wouldn’t stand a chance.

This is just my take on it.

If Israel strikes Iran, the United Nations would request reprimands for their behavior, but in the end, not much would happen. If Iran strikes back at Israel, the United States will cry war crimes, and deploy large numbers into Iran.

The extent of the United States involvement is personally, not clear to me, because I do not believe Barack Obama would stand so strongly with Israel, but I could be wrong.

For the world at large however, the political implications of Israel declaring war on Iran, would be huge.

Israel is fighting for their existence. They have nukes. All the hatred that Iran and others have talked against Israel will likely sooner or later result in Israel being backed against a wall. I just hope the ones stirring the hate will be among the casualties.

Israel – they are the toughest army in the world besides ours here is the rankings (Top 5):

5. Russians
4. British
3. Israelis
2. Americans
1. Chuck Norris

It’d be crazy, but I don’t think any countries would REALLY stand up for Iran. I think it’s current supporters would back down to avoid getting flack from Iran’s destruction.

Israel wins, hands down. A little more freedom from fear in the world.

The russians

Israel would win (they are the best in the world at warfare), and then, all hell would break loose everywhere.

Let’s forget shooting and stop sending money to Israel like no other nation.

Why does a separatist nation who hates people of color get money from the United States that is filled with people of all races and religions.

Doesn’t make a bit of sense.

The more ethical side, of course.

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