Help please 10 pts. says shes protecting me & patience is a virtue she has tons?

We met online zoosk, many emails. met in person went for a long walk. next weekend. things were going great it was our first date (sat). i asked if what she was doing sunday. said she diddnt know. i said id like to see her for a couple hours.. she agreed.i believe now over extended & half-heartedly. held her hand…

She is either just not that into you or she just doesn’t have time for you. Either way, this is a preview of what you can expect from her in the future. Remember, people tend to act on their best behavior at the beginning of a relationship, so she has sent up a bunch of red flags very early into this. You sound like a nice guy, creative and a romantic. I’m not sure what is attracting you to her, but you have a woman who has already had a failed marriage (you will never know the whole story about why the broke up), and she has a child. You are already starting off at best #2 in her life. Why at 31 would you want to settle for that, especially since she has shown she has no problem being inconsiderate to you while you wait around to spend time with her? Obviously I do not know the whole story, but you really need to stop for a moment and ask yourself what you are getting yourself into. You are still young, and you seem to be chasing after a woman who might not be as good a catch as you think! Whatever you do, I wish you the best, but please take some time to make sure where you stand in the priority list. You seem to want to give a lot of yourself to a partner. You deserve that feeling in return, and are asking for a lot of pain if you make a person your mate when she cannot or will not give back in return. Best of luck!

CHILL OUT. Stop over-analyzing things. Take them slow, give her space but let her come to you. And don’t be a freaky stalker. She doesn’t want u to send her weird pics or anything of the sorts. I would drop off a happy birthday card in her mail box though-if you know where she lives. No roses, or chocolates, just a sweet happy bday card. Maybe with 1 hand picked flower laying on top of it. Other than that though, wait for her to talk to you. She obviously likes her space.


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