Do you think intelligent extraterrestrial life will be discovered in our lifetime?

Do you think this is a possiblity?

My personal view? Definitely, emphatically NO. I’m not unconvinced that intelligent life could be out there – but as other correspondents have answered above, the sheer vastness of the distances involved means it’s unlikely that contact would be made between civilizations even if our galaxy is full of them. We’re all too far away from each other.

However – another point of view I’m intrigued by is the idea that we are alone. Completely alone – no other intelligent life out there at all. A silent galaxy – perhaps even a silent universe. I’m no expert, but my understanding of the theory goes like this: based on some of the variables in Frank Drake’s equation (e.g. the age of the universe, the number of stars, the number of likely ‘goldilocks’ planets) if there had been intelligent life, it would be inevitible that they would have by now advanced and spread out to fill up/conquer all of space. The logic goes: if they exist, there’s NO WAY we could be unaware of them, therefore they must not exist. I don’t know that I’m prepared to believe that, but I find it a compelling argument. The probability of contact with ET is so high as to be guaranteed. But, in the words of Enrico Fermi: where is everybody?

Unless Drake’s equation is wrong – which is highly debatable – the shocking conclusion is that we are the first. Which is staggering when you think about its implications. Ever since Kepler, Galileo and Copernicus, science has been telling us there’s nothing special at all about planet earth; it’s an unremarkable backwater, and it’s arrogant to assume there’s anything special or unique about humanity. Well maybe not. Maybe we are utterly unique – maybe we are the ONLY incidence of the physics of the universe having organised itself in such a way as it can look at itself, ask questions of itself, explore itself. Isn’t that a position of responsibilty?

To me that makes it all the more imperitive that we don’t destroy ourselves. If it turns out we are the “chosen ones” then the entire future of intelligent life rests on our shoulders. Cos there ain’t no little green men out there to do it for us.

On the other hand of course, there’s the theory that they’re all around us, but they’re way too advanced for us to recognise them. Like protozoa in a petri dish, we’re just too feeble to even notice. To quote Douglas Adams, maybe we no more know our destiny than a tea-leaf knows the history of the East India Company.

Makes you think, though, huh?

Maybe. There is a very remote chance of life on Mars – alas, the more we find out about Mars, the less likely that seems, but maybe a better chance on the moon’s of the gas giants – Titan or Europa etc.
But intelligent life – that would have to be exta-solar, so what we are talking about here is radio contact. It is a very, very slim chance, but not zero, so it is worth listening out!

No. First you have to have it before it is detected.

Some other planets in this galaxy might have life on them, maybe one in a hundred or one in a million, who knows? Maybe one in a thousand of these has the local equivalents of trees, fish, lizards, other animals on it. Maybe one in a thousand of these has something like intelligent life. Maybe one in a hundred of these intelligent peoples have got past their stone age.

The galaxy is so large that on the average that even civilisations with powerful radio transmitters, lasers, what have you, would be so far apart that signals could not even be detected by the next civilisation along.

Your first answerer is right – it’s highly unlikely. The vast distances involved really mean the possibility of anyone visiting is so remote, it’s almost not worth considering.

Our only hope is if SETI hears something – but even that is very hit and miss. We have to keep our fingers crossed that any signal they send is recognisable and decipherable by us.

But, sad as it makes me feel to say it, I don’t think we’ll have any conclusive proof within our own lifetimes.

Not even close to a possibility.

Interstellar travel and communication is close to impossible. Seriously.

YES, I believe there is intelligent life out there, but it just is TOO hard for anyone to come up with the energy required for that type of travel or communication.

Maybe in a few million years, if we make it.

Not a chance, perhaps maybe ‘not in a million years’. Our little spark of life is just a flash in the ocean of Time, and the chances of someone else’s little flash going off at the same time AND us knowing about it is beyond any kind of probabilty. And its unrealistic to pretend that in all that time and space we are, and have been the only life form in the known universe. It is out there or has been or will be but we wont know about it.

I’d say that there’s a better chance of intelligent extraterrestrial life discovering us.

there continues to be plenty to locate. And specific, that’s genuine that many stuff we concept have been attainable, grew to become impossible. yet we nonetheless have plenty to locate and much to create. We basically have not got the technologies in the present day for those issues. yet for advantageous in couple of one hundred years society would be more suitable adequate for us, not too technological for 1000 3 hundred and sixty 5 days sooner or later. I mean, do you think of that folk in 3 hundred and sixty 5 days 1000 nevertheless they have been ever going to be conscious of all all of us be conscious of now?. a lot of issues could look impossible now, yet we basically ought to locate the logic to make it artwork. As for discover issues in the Universe, we nonetheless have plenty plenty greater to locate. that’s surprisingly confusing to locate existence in yet another planet, yet think of roughly it, no some time past we concept there have been in elementary terms 9 planets, we now have discovered over 500 planets. this is in elementary terms in couple of years. We discovered water on the moon and mars. We discovered water planets. all of us be conscious of a lot of issues approximately Black Holes. all of us be conscious of plenty added information appropriate to the planets in the photograph voltaic gadget. and that’s to not point out all the different issues we chanced on in the final 2 many years. We the technologies we now have, I gotta say this century would be greater for technology that the 20 th century grew to become into. perhaps not plenty would be chanced on on your lifetime, yet extremely plenty in couple of one hundred years.

I watch way too much Stargate.! But yeh i think that if we ever did, do you think that the governments of today would actually fill us in on the minor details of actually meeting any alien species.?? I think not baby puppy.! But i aslo think that we are being watched to see if we finally grow up.!

No. We can’t even get people to Mars or wherever, and once we do get there it’ll take another 50 years before we discover something interesting.

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