Tips, how to write a diary entry?

I have to write a diary entry in english for school.
Well, Im not very good at writing (especially in english, Im not native speaker),so

I need you to tell me some useful phrases for this diary entry.

Thank you (Sorry if it the text sounds a lil bit impolite *~*)

[Dead Poets Society]

Obtain writing implements. Write what happens to you. Repeat.

Diary Entry Tips

It’s your diary – it’s about you – so you can write anything you want in it. You can curse your enemies there (I do it all the time, haha) if you want. Just be honest with your entries. Keeping a diary is, I guess, a way of relieving stress. There are just things that you cannot say to people (like curses) and you can do so in your diary. It’s healthy even, if you ask me, since you’re releasing all the bad vibes in you.


Dear Diary

*Write what happened today*


Dear diary, date



thts it

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