What do you think of abortion? Adoption? Teenage pregancy?

I'm just wondering. I dont think abortion is really that wrong, if your not ready to have a baby then abort it. Its just a little thing, it hasn't lived a life, it hasn't taken a first breath, plus things die everyday [not to be mean or anything]. If i were to get pregant, [ im still a teenager] i would…

I have thought about this quite a bit over the years. The wide spread of opinions is incredible, matched only by the passion of the activists on all sides. This is an issue that few people are even able to have a civilized discussion about. Complicating it further is that there are few that hold a black-and-white few of the issue. The majority of people in the US see abortion as a giant grey area with varying degrees of abortion considered acceptable. Very few people hold the position of unlimited abortion access or no abortion under any circumstances. Below is the process I went through to come up with my position on the matter.

First, I asked myself the question at what point does a human being obtain “personhood” and as such gain all the legal and moral protections that status entitles them to? There are some who say that the point of personhood is 28 days AFTER birth, at which point you still should be allowed to abort. In fact, there is a professor of ethics at Princeton University that actively advocates this position. This is the position that spurred “Born Alive” legislation that says if a woman has an abortion and the baby survives, that doctors cannot withhold care and let the baby die on the operating table. Others say up to the point of birth. These folks would hold that partial birth abortion is a reasonable procedure. Or perhaps just before while the mother is in labor. Or 6 months of gestation or 3 months or three weeks. I wrestled with this for a long time.

Then I looked at the issue a different way. Does human life have an imputed value or an intrinsic one? If we say that it is imputed, meaning the value is derived from something else, some outside criteria, then any one of the above positions would be equally valid. We as a society would decide what criteria to select. My problem with this is what criteria do you use? On what basis is a baby at 6 weeks more valuable than a baby at 5 weeks? Is a baby that has not yet developed a heart still a baby? This hit really hard on my wife and I when we lost one of our children. Lynne had a miscarriage a few years ago. When people with strong pro-choice sentiments gave us their condolences, they referred to the fetus as a child, even though she (we named her Grace, even though we do not know for sure if she was a she or a he. It made it easier to explain to the children what happened and easier for Lynne and I to grieve our loss) was at the same gestational point, 9 weeks, that they believed abortion was merely removing some unwanted tissue of the mother. So, the criteria used is whether or not a child is wanted. If that is so, then why?

By similar logic, if the value of human life is imputed, it can also be taken away, depending on what some person or group of persons believe that life is worth. So if you happen to be mentally retarded or black or Jewish, it would be perfectly reasonable for you to be killed off for the good of the community if they believe it. I have a friend who is paralyzed from the neck down. There are some in the world who would look at her and say that she has no quality of life or that the money and effort to support her would be better used on others. They would have her die due to her handicap. But knowing her the way I do I find the notion that she is without a quality of life to be ridiculous on its face. She is a writer, a painter, a social worker, and heads up an international charity. I’d call that a pretty good quality of life. So would her husband who married her years after her accident put her in the wheelchair. Thus, the imputed value logic is shown to me to be completely arbitrary. Following any of the “prior to this point it is not human but at this one on it is” positions is likewise arbitrary and does not answer the question of personhood.

But consider the proposition that human life has an intrinsic value. That it is valuable simply because it is human life and no other reason. No measure or quantification of the value of it, it is and that is enough. It is sort of like gold. Gold is valuable because it is gold, not because we as a society stood up one day and said, “we are going to make gold valuable”. Gold has an intrinsic value as opposed to an imputed value, such as paper currency. Paper currency is worthless in and of itself. It has value only because we say it has a certain value.

This position then would support a clear line between human life and not human life. With this position, you are a human at the point that you have a unique genetic code. In other words, at inception. Prior to inception, there was no “you”. The male and female reproductive components in and of themselves are not a unique genetic code, but merely parts of the donors. It is only when they combine to create new life do “you” begin to be a person.

The notion of intrinsic value also carries forward throughout life. My mother-in-law was on dialysis for several months before diabetes finally took her life. There are many who would have said that she should just die and not burden the rest of us. If those persons held the position that human life has imputed value, I can understand. I however, believe that human life is intrinsically valuable and worth preserving and protecting for as long as possible. Thus, we should protect life at the beginning and at the end and at all points in between.

So, we come full circle back to the question of abortion. Should it be outlawed? My answer, since I believe in the intrinsic value of human life, is that for the most part it should. Why only “for the most part”? Because there are times when you have to weigh the life of two humans and pick one to live and one to die. My sister-in-law faced such a problem once. She got pregnant from her husband and it turned out to be a tubal pregnancy. Had the child been allowed to grow inside of her, it would have killed her before the baby would have been able to survive on its own. Thus, in weighing these two lives, one would have to conclude that the baby would have to die in order to save the mother’s life. What about cases of rape or incest? I have 5 daughters (yes, that was no typo) and the thought of one of them being raped is always lurking in the back of my mind. If one of them should get pregnant as a result, the hard decision would be to let that child live. Pregnancy is not the extremely dangerous event of the past. Rarely do people die from giving birth. Many more die as a result of complications after an abortion. But the bottom line is that the child is innocent of any crime, so why punish it? I’m not saying it is an easy choice and I can certainly sympathize with those who have had to make it. Perhaps they even made the wrong choice. But, God is a loving and forgiving God, who can even forgive the taking of a human life. Which is what abortion is.

I don’t agree with abortion but I guess there are times when it’s necessary although I don’t agree with how you put it about taking a “first breath” it’s still alive, it’s organs are functioning and would have become an adult one day and then have children of it’s own.. Adoption, I think is still better then abortion I’m sorry but if a women rather have an abortion then to adopt it out isn’t a real mother and is selfish, she would rather have it decomposing in a trash can then give it to a loving family who want’s and deserves a child but maybe no able to have them.. Teenage pregnancy yea I think there are to many children having children, but there are alot of good teenage mother’s it doesn’t matter the age, a 30 yr. old could be a crappy mother while a 16 yr. old could be going to school, working, and being a great mom.. That’s my opinion..

Abortion? I dont believe in it. Adoption? I feel the same way you do and Teen pregnancy? Well, I was pregnant as a teen twice and although they were not planned, I am happy that I now have two beautiful girls. I still went to HS, graduated, held a job and took care of my babies. It is do-able but very hard and still is pretty hard. I dont recommend anyone to get pregnant as a teen but if you made the decision, right or wrong, you should deal with the consequences.

I just recently learned that most teens nowadays do not use condoms. So if you plan to have sex, use condom please. In my opinion they shouldn’t ban abortion. The person must know what is right and wrong, but hypocrisy plays the major factor of most decisions. Even when they know it is wrong they still have the abortion, but that is their decision not anyone else’s. There are ways to torture the child the baby while it is in the womb if abortion was illegal and I rather have the baby die a quick death than be tortured like that and die.

yes, you do have your opinion and i have mine, so here it is:
Do you really think that aborting a baby is that wrong? what do you mean, just because it hasnt taken its ‘first breath’ it doesn’t matter, its a living thing and desevres a life just like you and me. Killing is a sin, and its murder. Thats like saying killing a 2 year old is bettter than killing a 30 year old because they have experienced life more, its the same thing. IF YOUR A TEEEN AND WORRIED ABOUT PREGANCY, point blank DON”T have sex, its as simple as that.

ok i know u will not choose this but i have to say my thoughts on this bc u opened it up…..
ok so u think a fetus or zyote is not a living thing …wut if ure mother thought that…..u wouldnt be DEAD yes she would have killed u and then u wouldnt be here. I HONESTLY HATE when people say that kind of thing. Im 23 weeks pregant im 19 and married wut if when i found out i just said o well im to young and abort my baby,that im starting to feel move and kick and even hicup. abortion is wrong on SOOOOOO many levals and u just dont get it. the only reasons for abortion is health issues baby and or mother rape at 15 or younger life and or death for mother and or baby.

You have your opinion, i have mine, but they’re similar.

I would totally abort it. I can’t have a child in my life right now i’m 14/15. I don’t even like children. I’m not gonna debate whether the unborn baby is a life or not, tho. I don’t really have an opinion on it.

BTW. your view isn’t mean. It’s just your view. People who curse you for it or call you mean for it should just go whatever themself.

Umm, yes. Abortion is wrong. Who cares if you child grows up wondering who their real parents are. I’m sure they would feel 100 times better knowing that their real parents loved them enough to give them a chance at live and let a family adopt them who can actually raise them right. Would you really want to do this to your LIVING child inside of you?


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