Guys: which girl is better looking? (pics!!)?

Which girl is more attractive to you and why, also, which picture of them is your favorite? Feel free to rate 1-10 and say your likes and dislikes!

Girl #1:
Picture 1:[email protected]/5925328578/

Picture 2:[email protected]/5924787161/

Girl #2:

links do not work unless you are signed into flickr. try uploading them on and reposting 😛

yeah nothing is showing up on my screen either

in the mean time…I’m going to give everyone who’s answered a thumbs up for taking the time to look
and check again later

Cant connect

ill say the first BLANK white page, lol not connecting

It don’t work

well, tell flickr to show me then i’ll tel u who’s better looking

No pics

Doesn’t let me see

your the best looking.

cant connect to

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