P O L L ~ DO YOU THINK that the government should legalize marijuana ???~((Read my opinion. Agree or no?))?

Here is my opinion-
D O Y O U A G R E E ? ?
I think they should legalize it, applying the same restrictions to it as alcohol or tobacco.

I think that by restricting us from using it, they are violating our constitutional right to the Persuit of…

hell ya, i think they should.

my reason, i love weed

but i agree with your factual reasoning.

instrument? Piano colour? Green food? Lasagna school subject? English hair colour? Black eye colour? Deep Brown band? None song? Apologize by One Republic animal? Hamsters sport? Badminton country? Singapore(I don’t live there but I’ve been there) movie? Pirates of the Carribean TV show? Bubble Gang( A show here in the country)

It should be legalized, I’m not even going to bother in explaining why. If you want to know why, you can easily get the facts online.

hell yes. happy 4/20/10

i agree with you. its dumb that its outlawed when cigarettes arent.

easy poll??



no,you dont get it do you.

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