How can I continue to have sex with my husband without contracting AIDS?

My husband tested positive for AIDS yesterday, He said the doctor said he got it because he sat on the same toilet seat as someone with AIDS once sat on and the virus sustained itself just long enough to make it through his skin pores and infect him. I am not a doctor so I can only assume this to be true.

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So sorry to hear about this.
How he contract aids is secondary.
Give him the necessary supports if you can.

For double protection use two numbers of condoms during sexual activity.
Do not perform oral sex.
For other day to day measures please refer to the web site or the doctor.
Please join HIV help group for better understanding of the disease.

What a line! There’s NO MEDICAL EVIDENCE of any surface to human transfer of the AIDS virus, (not including piercing injuries like with a used syringe) unless he was sitting on the lap of the person using the toilet before him! The virus does not penetrate unbroken skin through the pores, that’s so untrue. It generally requires blood to blood transfer to survive even a short time outside of the human body. Please do your research, here on the Net. There is a lot of factual information out there.
I think he is lying to you because he doesn’t want to tell you how he really caught it. Which means that, unless he stops whatever sexual practice, (or injected drug use) that really gave him AIDS then you are NOT SAFE having sex with him, because there are other health risks too.
“I love my husband to death and trust him with my life”. Sorry but your “trust” is based on a lie. Don’t believe me? Ask him to get the Doctor to tell you about this him/her self. My guess is he would refuse, because its simply NOT TRUE.

Sorry to inform you but, YOU DON’T GET AIDS BY SITTING ON A TOILET SEAT. AIDS is transmitted through body fluids, and they screen blood now so it wasn’t from a transfusion. He most likely got it from drug use (dirty needle) or an infected partner. Before you sleep with him, use a condom but they break so be careful, and find out the real reason he has it. Check on the internet or talk with a doctor about AIDS if you need to but don’t believe that lie and if he insist thats the truth go to the doctors with him and have the doctor tell you that to your face, if the doctor tells you yes he got it from the tolet seat then you know that’s the guy your husband is sleeping with.

Mam with all do respect, if your husband did contract the aids virus he most certainly did not get it from sitting on a toilet seat, this scenario is Simply not possible. One contracts the virus through ingestion of bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, semen etc. as for having sex with an individual that has aids there is no safe way, some use condoms but if it were to break you to would be infected please remember kissing will no longer be safe either were as you could be easily infected through his Silva.

Ask your husband to be truthful about how he contracted the HIV virus. It’s not possible to get it from a toilet seat! You should go together to the doctor’s to discuss your sex life and protection for you. You must also get tested as your husband may already have infected you with HIV. This is so serious that you should go to the doctor today or tomorrow. Good luck.

first off you can’t get AIDS by sitting on a toilet seat unless there was someone’s blood on that seat and your husband had a cut on his ***.

he probably got it from cheating on you, therefore i’m not sure why you would want to continue to sleep with him if that’s the case.

if he has it, then you might want to get tested as well because AIDS doesn’t show up on a test overnight, it takes about 3-6 months for the virus to manifest itself in your blood before it will show up on a test and if you’ve had unprotected sex with him for the past 3 months then the chance that you have it too are very high

but to answer your question: wear a CONDOM

You cannot get AIDS from a toilet seat. You take it from there.

The safest (and this is not 100% safe) way to have sex with anyone (infected or not) is to sues a condom and to use it correctly. When used correctly, condoms offer the best available protection from infection. Condoms are easily purchased and only the latex products should be used. Condoms made of natural products may allow for the transmission of the virus.

It is important that condoms be used properly. Some 10% of couples using condoms for birth control subsequently become pregnant, almost always as a result of careless use. This suggests that it is not wise to mix alcohol or other drugs with sexual encounters; they may cloud your judgement and lead you to do things you wouldn’t do with a clearer head –such as forgetting to use a condom, or using it carelessly. It is a mistake that could cost you your life.

When I read questions such as these, my first reaction is that you’re full of ****. Then I think what if this person really is, in this case, that stupid? Is it possible? To be so ignorant? I’m not sure.
But just in case, you should get tested because you probably already have HIV if your husband has it. So in that case, it doesn’t matter, you two can continue on doing what your doing with HIV together.
You can’t get HIV from a toilet seat. There would have to be a significant amount of body fluid on the toilet seat and your husband would have to have an open wound on his bum and then sit in the body fluid for it to be even REMOTELY possible. And how would a doctor know where your husband contracted it? He has no way whatsoever of knowing that. Your husband is the only person who could possibly know that and I can guarantee it wasn’t from a toilet seat.

The only way to get AIDS from a toilet seat is if your husband had a cut on his *** and someone bled all over the toilet seat. Also, the aids virus can only sustain life outside of the body for like 2 days, there is no way that could have happened. His “doctor” is wrong. You have been cheated on. Dump his ***.

Sadly, I really don’t believe your husband is telling the truth. AIDS can only be contracted through bodily fluids. Such as sexual contact, blood, and child birth, and… needles. AIDS is impossible to contract from sitting on a toilet seat unless the seat had a man’s genitalia, or needles.

Otherwise, if you choose to believe him, Condoms, and safe sex.

If a man and women, neither of whom have AIDS have sex, then no AIDS. So what difference does it make if it’s between two men? No, AIDS don’t just spontaneously happen. If both partners are tested and neither has HIV, it’s all good.

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