Anyone know some good R&B and Hip-Hop songs that are uncommon on radio stations?

I want to find some good music that usually isn't playing on radio stations.

If you can give me genres of music such as: R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Dance/Trance, and like dance remixes of popular radio station and non-popular radio station songs that would be great.

Just list the title and the artist. if you know…


dudley perkins
the roots
the grouch
jill scott
angie stone
joss stone
little brother
foreign exchange

dwele and foreign exchange are my favs tho.

We have an Old School Hip hop FM station right here in Phoenix one hundred and one.1FM. They play it 24/7…It’s pleasant to have it, however I have spotted that they play extra of the mainstream stuff. I have in no way heard any artist like Stetsasonic, X-Clan or Poor Righteous Teachers . I wager that is stuff I could play if I have been the DJ. I feel it could support slightly. Now that we shouldn’t have Rap City and Yo MTV Raps plenty of men and women just like the IM Radio. I feel that the ones artist have extra publicity than they did ago considering that of youtube and stuff. There is desire for any underground artist to place there identify available in the market if they’re found. I could say it’s plenty less difficult now than it used to be with out the web. What’s up with that the exhibit referred to as The Deal that comes on truly overdue. Is that exhibit believe to exchange Rap City??

Go to its a blog with a lot of good R&B songs that arent played much on the air.

look on, in the singles section, most of that stuff on there is unreleased by major artists, enjoy

You should try and download iTunes and listen radio there.

stunnaman – my brain

young l – flyer than a dinosoar

infamous kid – lick it clean

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