Why do Hispanic voters prefer Clinton over Obama?

Because these same hispanics love Bill Clinton. Pretty dumb isn´t it? I am hispanic and I will be voting for McCain…Its not a color issue, its a loyalty issue. Many Hispanic leaders were asked why so many Hispanic´s voted for Clinton in Nevada, they said, most Hispanic really liked the Clinton years.

Kelly M: That is really a racist and unacceptable statement about Hispanic voters.

I don’t know why, but when I was in school, 50% white kids, 50% Mexican kids, the single black kid wasn’t getting the sh.t beat out of him by white kids every day…

is that proven I thought their was quite a bit of supprt in that communtiy for Obama

They obviously like a white woman over a black man! This is true for hispanics worldwide and blacks do not welcome hispanics as whites do! And hispanics are onto them!

Kelly shut the **** up dumb *****. Hispanic voters vote for whoever they please. You’re acting like all the hispanic voters all illegal immigrants.

because shes a hot momma
and even hispanics are racist to blacks

because they know who is on their side

Because they are smart.

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