96 Jetta gl check engine light?

I have a 96 jetta gl and the check engine light has been on for about a month now. Since its come on the cars been sluggish and unresponsive but it can still reach high
speeds. Anybody experienced this before or know what could be causing this?

Had the same problem with my ’02 Jetta.. guess they never fixed the problem. I’m surprised yours is still running at its age, I would’ve trashed it years ago. If you’re in the U.S. you can go to any auto parts store, like O’Reilly’s or Auto Zone and they will hook up their code reader and print out a list of what the codes say is wrong with it. Unfortunately, when I took mine in, the codes were all messed up because one major part was causing all the sensors to go haywire. I ended up replacing the throttle body twice and the fuse box, plus some other miscellaneous things before the damn light went off and the car ran like normal again. Of course, 6 months later I’m having a similar problem but this time the dealership says I need 4 new sensors totalling $2200. Guess that’s how they stay in business.

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