Will Sarah Palin win the republican nomination?

Most liberals like myself want her to win the Gop nomination because it will be a easy win for Obama in 2012.

The Gop nomination polls.

1.Sarah Palin with 44% in the lead.

2.Mitt Romney 30%

3.Mike Hukabee 15%

4.Newt Gingrich 10%

5.Jim Demint 2%


Republicans make up less than 35% of registered voters, if they elect that twit they will get no more than 25% of the popular vote. Even Oklahoma will be a swing state.

Recent polls show Mitt Romney as the current favorite among Republicans. But not by much. The truth is, over 40% of Republicans polled don’t like any of the options they’re given in the polls, which includes Romney, Palin, Gingrich and Scott Brown.

It is far too soon to know. I think her main problem will be that she is drawing too much attention to herself too early. People will get tired of hearing from her and this will open the door to other candidates like Romney and Huckabee. I would strongly question the logic in nominating someone who could not handle being governor of Alaska to run for the position of President of the United States. For the Republicans, this would be a prime time to choose someone completely different and try to change the course and platform of your party.

Palin won’t run in 2012. She’s riding the wave of her popularity now to sell more copies of her book. After it becomes apparent to her fans that she’s not running in 2012, she’ll settle down with her own tv talk show.

no, indies will determine the winner and losers. 42% of the tea party is indie. and if the economy is in the tank, i would look for a dems to possibly challenge owe-bama. but you know, aside from the [petty stuff, i do not get why dems hate palin. is it the same kind of hate you have for bush or do you guys just hate reps in general? owe-bama and biden have had as many gaffes, if not more. enjoy the kool aid.

haha… I think some Republican I’ve never heard of and most haven’t heard of will come out and win…

some new blood…

between the tea party and the dislike of incumbents… it’s prime picking for young new talent…

Obama will win regardless of the competition.

The economy will continue to rebound.

Jobs will follow.



did you put any thought into this question. clearly, your all caps self description is far from being accurate concerning your intelligence.

My crystal ball is out of order, so I do not know.

if she is, they deserve to lose by the inevitable landslide

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