Is being self conscious normal at 14?

My friend is really self conscious (sorry if I spelled it wrong) and she always puts her self down saying she’s fat etc. I’m getting really worried that she’s going to do something drastic and go anorexic or something. So is this normal for a 14 year old or no? If it isn’t how can I help her?

yes it is very normal. there are soooooo many girls that think that. I say just watch her closely and make she doesnt do something drastic. if she starts going to the bathroom every time she eats i would make sure she isnt throwing her food up. and if you never see her eat anything i would talk to some adult you trust and tell them whats going on. if she is that worried about her weight she can talk to a pediatrician about how to loose weight in a healthy way. but for now just make sure she doesnt do something stupid. usually when they start saying they think they are fat and looking at themselves in the mirror all the time i would be a little worried because that is usaully a sign of a disorder.

The beginning of teen age, 13-16; very normal! but u shouldn’t entertain that character, make jokes about skinny people and laugh it away!
I have a friend too who always thinks less of herself, I always take my time, even for a second to compliment on her when i do see something i love on her, like her hair, her tummy, her eyes…u may not think it helps, but it does, little by little she gets to see those things u love and she loves them too. make sure ur genuine. a second of time can do a lot. Do tell her of the people who find her beautiful, but not everyday (it will sound desperate) make it once a month.
Thats what friends are for.

Do not do the first two answers given on here. They’re mean and insensitive.

It is absolutely normal for a 14-year-old to be self conscious. It is only considered dangerous if she honestly considers harming herself or others. Otherwise, she’s perfectly normal.

tell her that you’ll stop hanging out with her if she keeps putting herself down. it could easilly be that she just wants attention

tell her ‘if you were more skinny i probably wouldnt like you that much… we might still be friends though, maybe…’

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