How can Bush make “Pork Barrel” comments on education spending while signing a half Trillion Military bill?

Why are the costs of the Iraq war not considered part of our larger budget debate? On Tuesday, Bush vetoed Congress’ $606 billion labor, health and education bill because of a $10 billion difference on spending for domestic concerns. This on the same day President Bush signed a $471 Billion Military budget, which…

The man and his criminal colleagues don’t give a crap about this country or the people in it. They are about war profiteering and nothing else. How else can you explain the veto of a children’s health bill.

The criminally insane are running the asylum! They need to be impeached, indicted, and incarcerated if their is to be ANY justice at all leaft in America. But I certainly don’t expect it.

The word ‘pork’ means, to politicians, the spending the other party does. By any fair definition of ‘pork barrel spending’, the Republicans were much more profligate when they were in charge of Congress.

Bush is getting pretty desperate. He’s destroyed his own credibility–nobody to blame but himself (or whoever wrote the 3×5 cards for him to read from). So he’s ramping up the rhetoric. I’m glad the Democrats finally found their backbones. Bush vetoed the Iraq spending bill himself!

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You failed to mention that after bush was elected pork barrel projects more than doubled, since the dems have had a slim majority they have cut it back down to 20 billion a decrease of over 38 percent , I cant agree with you more well said, we spend ten billion a month in Iraq buth when it comes to those imporant issues you brought up We cant afford it , its sad

Because the 9/11 attacks on the USA cost our economy about $1 trillion overall, including the recession that followed.

A nuclear bomb going off in New York would probably cost the US and the US economy — oh, I don’t know — perhaps $5 trillion or more.

So preventing the next 9/11 is a BARGAIN.

Bush only likes spending money that benefits his rich buddies and people over seas. Spending in America is very bad, but spending in some third world crap hole is wonderful. He “lost” three trillion dollars somewhere. It sure wasn’t in the US for Americans.

He’s just pandering to his base. Many Bushites believe defense trumps every other issue the nation faces. And you should know that we have to defend ourselves from suicide bombers with space based weapons systems!

Tell you what, when you learn the difference between funding some congressman’s pet project in his home state and the defense of the country I’ll take your question seriously.

Your comparison of education and national defense is ridiculous. Education has never been considered a “pork” project by any administration.

Because he is stupid, I’m sorry he is just stupid. Bush does not care about the United States, but for big business. It sad, he himself has brought this nation down and he does not care.

he does it without even thinking
kind of how he has done his job the last 7 years

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