2002 Mercedes c230 kompressor coupe?

I’m currently in the market for a 2002 kompressor coupe I wanted to know if they are good buy thanks.

There is no such thing as a ” C230 Komressor Coupe”. Kompressor, as you might guess, is German for Compressor, which this car is equipped with. It’s a feature of the car, not the name of the car. If the car had leather upholstery, it wouldn’t be named a “C230 Leather Coupe”. Or if it had a CD player, it wouldn’t be named a “C230 CD Player Coupe”. Got it?

Mark, you’re an idiot. Everyone refers to it as a Kompressor Coupe. And that’s because the word KOMPRESSOR is on the trunk lid, right next to the Mercedes Emblem. Its not just a regular C230, its the supercharged model, therefore, it needs to be distinguished as a C230 Kompressor. And yes 360_Wave, it is a good car. I’ve always like the sedan model more, but the coupe is also nice

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