Why don't all these stupid universities realize that there's no such thing as “gravity theory” already?

Creationists already know this without even going to college!


Science is fallible. No shock to most people.

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Gravitation is a lie. The myth that Newton was under an apple tree is completely false!

1. It was an orange tree.
2. The orange DIDN’T fall.

So much for the THEORY of gravitation. Checkmate gravitationalists.

It’s to easy man…..

I just have to laugh when they think gravity is on such solid ground. I know of serious issues with several aspects of it even as explained by General Relativity. Hell…Einstein himself published a limitation. The odds are reasonably good that we have it wrong….AGAIN.

Proof that a little bit of knowledge is dangerous.
And mathematician Xeno taught that an arrow will never reach a target.

“Careful what you wish for.”

It is the VERY nature of science that it is NOT dogma and can be counted on to change over time. As we explore gravity and its relationship to the other forces we are discovering that it only APPEARS to be stable and predictable.

Creationists tend to be people who like stability at the expense of discovery. Do not get too dogmatic if you claim to love science. ;-p

More proof that creationists know next to nothing about science.

cause they are stupid universities lol


are you a Space Nuclear Technologist with an specialization in Atmospheric Sciences?

Let me guess, your major was Physics and your minor religion weren’t they?

All of the FACTS disprove gravity! It’s a myth! Isaac Newton even said so on his death bed!

…Wait, you want some of these facts?

…Well… I don’t have any of them with me…

…but they’re out there. You just have to do the research.

@Dreamstuff Do you like Marc Maron?

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