Republicans what do you think Trump is hiding in his tax returns?

Trump isn’t hiding anything in his tax returns, he just doesn’t want people to know he hasn’t paid income taxes for more than one year because he’s still writing off his business loss carryovers from his companies that went bankrupt such as The Trump Casino in Atlantic City , New Jersey. and the losses surpass his income for the tax years where he claims the business loses against his income. All of this is legal for him to do. His accountants are following the tax code and his tax returns are prepared correctly.

Nothing of importance .

Unlike Liberals , I file taxes and know they contain little more than income , expense and depreciation . They are not a spy novel .

He isnt hiding anything, He is abiding by the Law and did release what the LAW said he had to.

Democrats … Tell us the LAW that says he has to Release his taxes.
Not the fall back that so and so released theirs… show us the LAW and while you are at it show Hillary and Bills and also their Foundations financial statements.

Wow thats easy…uh Money


Your sanity.

None of my business or yours. The IRS has obviously found nothing illegal.

1) He doesn’t pay much in taxes.
2) He isn’t as rich as he says that he is.
3) He doesn’t give anything to charity.
4) Possible Russian investments.

Nothing, he files his taxes yearly or quarterly like millions of other Americans. LOL

Millions of donations to the Clinton foundation

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