Splitting the bill at a restaurant?

I am having a dinner at restaurant next week for my birthday, there will be about 8-10 people attending and i was a little concerned about how were are gonna split the bill. i am turning 21 so drink will be ordered, so I'm guessing there will also be a bill for drink, my question is should i tell the waiter…

ALWAYS let your server know BEFORE you order if you want split checks. Those that said it doesnt matter obviously have never worked ina the food industry..it does matter.

Could you imagine serving a 10 top and then at the end of the meal they ask for split checks? You have to then go back and remember who got what apps, entrees, drinks and dessert…and its a major pain. It holds you up on serving other tables. And if your going to a place without computer systems, we have to write up each check separately, which means your party is waiting longer to check out.

I would suggest having one person that would apply it to a CC or in cash, and everyone pays that person. In some cases we divide the total by the number of people and everyone puts in their part, in other cases, the customers figure it out themselves.

Most servers are more willing to do split checks if they know ahead of time. Where I work, if you wait till the end of the meal, its only allowed to be split in half…not individually.

You can feel comfortable to let the waiter know that everyone is paying dutch treat. That is fine. We go as a family once a month to a different restaurant. I have 12 siblings and their families and whoever can go that month goes so it does flexuate on how many are there but there is never less than 15 or so people and we all go dutch. No restaurant has ever had a problem with that. We all just pool the tip into the center of the table and its always enough or each person adds it to their credit card what ever way they are paying.

You didn’t say how many different ways you want to split the bill – but I know a lot of places who will not split out the bill on a large table into more than 2. it is just too difficult to keep track of that many individual tabs and too easy for people to skip out on paying part of it that way.

The best way, imho, is to designate one person to take care of the bill. Since it is your birthday – it should NOT be you. Someone should be hosting this for you – not you throwing your own party. That one person is responsible for taking care of the entire bill – tip included – and then everyone on the party pays that one person.

Another way to do this is to just have dinner at one place and then move to a bar or lounge and announce that drinks are “no-host” meaning everyone orders and arranges for their own payment.

And generally – there will be a member of your party, maybe an older member who knows how this all works, will step forward and offer to take care of the check side of all of this. And usually people going to such a party all chip in for your part so that it is a gift to you.

And always tell the server on how you intend to do the bill BEFORE ordering. Most will ask anyway- especially if they have a policy against splitting up the check more than twice.

o.O Not just white people split bills. I have customers off all different backgrounds that split checks. For some, its just the polite things to do. We have a 4 top that come in twice every month to hang out and they always split the check so one person isnt stuck paying for everyone meal. Some people split the check to accommodate what they ate specifically or some dont bother with the math and just do it 50/50. Race doesnt have much to do with it

*whatever you do, make sure everyone includes tax and tip. i’ve gone dutch on many a bill where people only pay the amount of the food and drink and forget about the tax and tip, leaving the person who collects the money to go around forcing cash out of people or paying the balance. only once, have i ever seen too much money collected.
however, because the group situation is such a pain, my friends and i will usually just divide it up evenly; no matter who had what. this way, everyone knows that they should eat and drink as much as the person next to them, since they will be paying the same anyways. happy birthday!
ps. in my opinion, everyone should put in a little extra so you don’t have to pay on your bday!

Be sure you let your friends know that they are paying for their own meal and drinks and you should be fine. If you have a good waiter he or she will ask you how you want the bill split, but if it makes you feel better to let him or her know ahead of time that is fine too. Just make sure everyone is on the same page as far as the money is concerned.

If I were at the table I would feel insulted if YOU paid for anything. It’s your “coming of age” party. Let your best friend at the event handle things. Inform him/her that you want to have a good time and that s/he can do you a favor by taking responsibility beforehand.

Bills can be equally split and put on several credit cards by the restaurant. You will also probably have a “fixed” tip applied because of the size of the group. Relax, enjoy the evening, don’t drive.

Generally, etiquette dictates that the person doing the inviting does the paying. If they’re your close friends, make sure beforehand that they know they’re paying for their own meal. Then when you get to the restaurant, you need to tell them separate checks at the very beginning or it’s going to be a mess at the end.

at the end of the meal, your waiter is going to ask you how you want it split, you don’t have to tell them ahead of time, but it really doesn’t matter anyway.

also, just because it’s your bday, don’t assume everyone is going to pay for you. i would think they would, but be prepared to pay for yourself just in case!!

you should split it at the end so you no how much each person should pay

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