Can I pull a semi-trailer with a pickup truck? If so, what type of hitch would I need?

I need to move a semi-trailer (with about 5000 lbs in it) twice a week. I need to pull it about 50 miles and I want to do it with a heavy duty pickup. Is this possible? Legal?

one like this, of course.…

just think about cruising down a long hill, with this in your rear-view mirror.

Semi Trailer Hitch

That’s way to much weigh to pull and stop with any kind pu truck. Plus you don’t have air brakes. You need to hire or drive a semi to do the job. And I think it is against the law also.

You might be able to pull it but you’d never be able to stop it.

Legal ?? Dream on. Not even close.

Safe? HA!!! don’t make me laugh.

Even if you didn’t get arrested or kill yourself, you’d destroy the drivetrain of the pickup.

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