What's the best prank you've ever pulled on April Fool's Day…?

…Or are thinking about pulling?

Here’s one that I think would be hilarious:
Get three pigs and paint #1, #2, and #4 on them. Then release them in your school. Everyone will spend hours trying to find #3! Haha…

we got a wrecked car the same make as the fire chife’s a few years ago an with help from his wife removed his car an put the wreck in his space an told him to come outside. it was a riot.

High school in Canada. I had a bet on that I could terrify the teachers, even though they had become jaded by the many April Fool jokes over the years. I bought a test tube (which I broke in half), a tape recording of a loud explosion, some charcoal and some hair gel. Also tore up an old t-shirt. On the morning of April 1, I snuck into the chem lab with all this paraphenalia and a co-conspirator who knew how to make thick black smoke (because I couldn’t). I gelled my hair, charcoaled my face and t-shirt, and played the loud explosion tape. I then staggered out of the chem lab clutching the broken test tube and made my way to the staff room around the corner, where a group of teachers were gathered. They had already been shocked by the loud “explosion”, so when I staggered in and promptly fell down and appeared to lose consciousness, one of them raced out and (unbeknownst to me) called an ambulance. When I finally sat up and cried “April Fool”, the male French teacher tried to throttle me. The school advised my parents but did not take further action (probably because I had succeeded so well). The parents didn’t see the funny side at all and grounded me for a month. But hot damn, it was worth it!!

you dont happen to live near York, PA, do you? I heard a prank like that was being planned. lately though, I have been using a simple one line gag on people. As you walk by a total stranger, just politely say, “You dropped your face back there”, 9 out of 10 people will stop and look for it, then either get ambarrassed or p*ssed off, it is actually quite funny

Hm…I’m thinking of putting yellow-coloured water into a bottle and leaving it in my school washroom. This is something my friends and I thought up. I think it will be funny. But then again, as many might know, I have an abnormal sense of humour.

*not going to do the smoke detector thing*

My dad is a huge Dale Earnhardt fan (the father, not the son) and he’s got all kinds of t-shirts with the guy’s picture on it. One April Fool’s day, I did his laundry and told him I really screwed up. I said I’d accidentally bleached all his Earnhardt shirts. I even showed him a pile of pure white tshirts. Just before he grounded me for life, I pulled out the un-scathed REAL shirts and told him “April Fool!”.

That’s animal cruelty. But the best one I did is put a bucket of water on one side of the shower and a plate of honey on the other side so when my brother backed up from the water, he stepped into the honey.

Made a friend think that someone bought a Cadillac is his name using identity fraud and now the payments were late and the bank was coming after him etc.

I was a word processor (yeah way back then) and I sent an e-mail to everyone telling them I’d be working from home. People actually believed me.

i would do it with 2 extra ones, not 1

once i set a trap thing in the toilet (you’d open it and a plastic snake would pop up it took me like 15 min or so to make it work) and like my mom she went there and like she screamed and ran out!!! lol i was laughing hard she’s like “Oh god!!! AAAHHHH!!!!”

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