Why would my ex of one year do the no contact rule? she told me she never fell in love before i came along :(?

We almost made it one year…. she is 17 im 19.
i gave her the world.
i literally bought her everything she wanted, i spent 700 bucks for christmas on her when i lost my job even, she cheated on me 4 times between october and november and i still forgave her, i loaned her mom 340 bucks for phone bills and…

she sounds like a gold-digger
Im sorry

19 twelve months olds tend to be lots much less mature than adult males your age. he’s clearly searching for interest (and a few funds). He additionally does not care in any respect approximately you. he’s selfish and a new child. i take advantage of as much as now youthful adult males and now comprehend that mentally they’re basically no longer at my point. Stamina is all that they had. in case you have been his sugar mommy that’s in all probability he became interior the relationship with you for the money and not for any emotional attachment. Be happy he’s long previous and that i’d replace my variety if i became you or block his with the telephone organization. His message isn’t even well worth a reaction of indignation. Ignoring him is the suitable. blockading him from any destiny messages would be the suitable message you could deliver him.

Im sorry man.. it seems like she was only with you for the money

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