What year comes after 1 BC? What year is it a year later after 1BC?

December 31, 1 BC was followed by January 1, 1 AD.

There was no year “0”.

(Actually, I think that was February 28 was followed by March 1. December 31 wasn’t the end of the year on the Roman calendar back then.)

the year after 1 BC was 1 AD

1 AD because BC counts downward while AD counts upward, 45 BC is a year earlier than 44 BC. 1344 AD is a year earlier than 1345 AD. 1 BC marked the time when Jesus was about to die,after his death, the calender changed to AD

1 AD. You should probably understand that the BC and AD measurement wasn’t adopted until about 1000 years ago

Actually there was a year “0”. It occurred 6 months after 1 B.C.
1 A.D. was 6 months later.

Jesus was born in the year 6 B.C. in the Hebrew month of Sivan, which equates to our month of June. Six (6) is the number of “MAN” (Created on the 6th Day).

In the year 6 B.C. Jesus was born (to a woman that was a virgin. No other child on earth can make that claim).

In the year 5 B.C. Jesus was 1 year old
In the year 4 B.C. Jesus was 2 years old (Herod Died, and Mary, Joseph and Jesus returned to Galilee from Egypt).

In the year 3 B.C. Jesus was 3 years old (the number of PERFECTION, the Christ child protected by the heavenly host now becomes the dependent of Mary & Joseph of Nazareth)

In 2 B.C Jesus was 4 years old

In 1 B.C. Jesus was 5 years old (1+5; 2+4; 3+3; 4+2; 5+1 =6)

In 1 A.D. Jesus was 6 years old.

No other person on earth can match that chronology. Proof positive that this child was the Son of GOD.

1 ad

It’s BCE, not BC, and CE, not AD. And, AD stands for Anno Domini (The year of Christ’s birth), not after death.

1 A.D. or C.E. –there is no zero year. The same with 1 year after 1 B.C. it would be 1 A.D. or C.E.

So then 1B.C. to 1 A.D. would constitute 1 year

BC meaning Before Christ=B.C. In B.C. you count the same way as you now do. It simply means that the year was another year/s removed from the time of the birth of Christ. 100 B.C. would mean that it was 100 years before Christ was born. Today-2007 is A.D. After Death. After the Death of Christ. It has been 2007 years since (after) Christ died.

that would be the year known as ANNO DOMINI
after that its 1 AD, then 2 AD etc

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