What do you think of our narrowed down list of baby names?

So we've decided to end the year/start off the new year right by narrowing down our baby name list. It's crazy to think we only have a few more months. lol But anyway…we've gone over the names and have decided on our top three picks for each gender. We have decided we want to go with names that have a…

James Maxwell- I love this it’s very sweet. James is a bit common but a very nice masculine strong name. it’s timeless. Maxwell is darling.

Henry Maxwell- Henry is my 2nd favorite name and a middle name of my favorite boys combo (Lucas Henry), but the flow of Henry Maxwell is *just* a tad off.

Everett Maxwell- love Everett more for a middle name than a first. This is cute, but again the flow is just not quite there for me.

i think of these i love James Maxwell the best.
oh shoot…unless you meant them as James Henry and James Everett!? LOL if so-

James Henry is wonderful as well as James Everett. if i had to pick i’d put them in this order
1. James Everett
2. James Henry
3. James Maxwell

((not sure what combo it was suppose to be in but i covered all my bases))

Mason Oliver- Mason isn’t my fav, but it’s not a bad name either. i am slowly warming to it and you have it paired with such a wonderful middle so it’s easy for me to like it a bit more here. I adore the name Oliver! Ollie would be a darling nickname.

Nathaniel Rhys- PERFECT combo!!! i adore this. i prefer the Rhys spelling as well, instead of Reese or Reece.

((again not sure the order of the secondary names so ill cover all my bases here))
Nora Madeleine- darling! just wonderful!!!
Nora Charlotte- very sweet, but a bit common. 🙂 but sweet all the same, i do prefer Nora Medeleine here.

if it’s Charlotte Madeleline this it’s quite lovely!! very long, but elegant and wonderful.

Caroline Elise- i’m SO excited to see this!! my younger sister’s name is Caroline Eleise *nn-Callie* (said like Elise). 🙂 i LOVE IT!!! My sister is named for two great-aunts…Aunt Beatrice Caroline *nn-Callie*, and Aunt Eleise. i just love it, and wish my parents named me for family too.

Evelyn Kaye- I love the flow of this name. it’s very sweet. Evelyn is one of my fav -eve- names. Kaye is special to me as it’s my mother’s middle name (Kay), and i love it as a simple yet pretty middle name.

i really love your names a lot. on the whole they are just wonderful! how very refreshing to find that on here! 🙂

I like James Everett for the boy.
Mason Oliver is nice, too.
Nathaniel Rhys is okay.

I don’t care for the names Nora, Caroline (as a first name), Elise, or Evelyn – they’re very old-fashioned.
How about Charlotte Madeleine or Madeleine Kaye?

Caroline Elise and James Maxwell

Olilver Maxwell

Nathanial Mason

Elise Madeleine

Elise Charlotte

Boy: James Henry
Girl: Nora Charlotte

boy-Mason Oliver… i love both of these names! i just find James too common. Nathaniel Rhys sounds nice, but I don’t really care for the name Nathaniel, IMO

girl-Evelyn Kaye… Evelyn is so gorgeous for a girl once shes older and when she’s little Eve or Evie or Eva are all adorable nicknames

good luck!

You really have a lot of great names! And kudos to you for picking names that are so special! It is sure to make your son or daughter feel loved and wanted as part of the family.

My favorites would have to be James Maxwell and Caroline Elise (nickname Cara maybe?) Good luck! You really can’t go wrong with any name on your list, I do think they are all nice

James Maxwell and Caroline Elise.

Maxwell Oliver? Maxwell James?

Nora Caroline? Charlotte Madeleine?

I think those have nice rings to them.

Wow…love your names

Evelyn Kaye is my favorite girls name here and it makes it so much more special that your grandmothers are being honored!!

Nathaniel Rhys is masculine and gorgeous. Again…love that a grandfather is honored

Both names have great flow…..really all the names do but those were just my favorites 🙂

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