Israel vs iran or pakistan vs india or russia and china vs usa?

These are the wars on WW3
israel vs iran victor* israel for sure they got nukes and good airforce

india vs pakistan victor* india beacuse more men to dispose more technology

north korea vs japan and south korea but then usa would come in and china and russia would back them n korea up and then WW3

Calderon is right. With our current government I don’t think we would back up Japan and south Korea. Japan would definitely win but China would probably then get involved.

USA UK Israel India Germany Mexico Canada N. Korea S. Korea South Africa Nigeria Hungary George Bush John F. Kennedy George Bush Snr. Hu Jintao

If Russia and America went to war I don’t think China would get involved, I don’t think Russia would get involved if China and America went to war either.

Simply because they’d know that after such a war 2 massive superpowers would be severly weakened making them the strongest power on earth.

Most of those countries have nuclear weapons, except Iran and Japan, so really in the end no one wins.

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