Can racism be “inherited”?

Regardless of whether your immediate family is racist, can one sort of “inherit” racist beliefs due to their ancestors?

No one is born racist.

My parents complain about everyone who isn’t Irish… actually, they complain about their own people, too.

Anyway, people are born with the ability to make judgments for themselves. Because my parents have no tolerance doesn’t mean I don’t.

Actually, I suspect humans are born instinctively prejudiced, but our modern “politically correct” society tries to make us suppress it. It’s natural for humans to gather with their own kind and shun or even attack anyone who’s different. Even children do it on the playground. There’s always at least one shy or weird kid who just doesn’t fit in, and they either get left out or bullied. It only gets worse as kids get older. Remember how painful high school was? I wonder if rival tribes used to accuse each other of being “tribist.” Anyone who claims they’re not even a little bit prejudiced every now and then is a liar and should not be trusted.

Attitudes are not inherited by gene inheritance so no.

But attitudes are passed on from generation to generation , so what is taught about racism is passed on.

no, but it is possible that we may inherit some tendencies towards being more or less amenable to (a) accept popular delusions vs. examine things critically and (b) be xenophobic vs. welcoming to strangers. so there could be some genetic component to explain why some people take more to racism than others.

Not that we know of. A recent discovery on our genes shows certain memories can pass on genetically. There is no evidence that this leads to personal opinions.

No racism in itself is not inherited.I have cousins that are racist against Black & Asian people,but my aunt and uncle are not!

Nope only learned. No one is born a racist..

No. Racism is taught or brought on by experiences.

Racism can be inherited as well as religious belief

No you learn it by influence and by peer pressure and indoctrination in childhood by influential people around you.

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