Christian bible literalists (excluding Catholics), Why do you think it is so troubling to atheists?

Your belief that a ‘sin is a sin’ and there are ‘no levels of hell’?

Do you know the mind of God or the opinion of a Jewish goat herder 2000-5000 years ago?

Since not all Christians believe this, it is mainly for American Evangelicals/Baptists/”Born Agains”

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Why do I think that this is so troubling to atheists?

I think it’s troubling because we live in a society of degrees. On tests, someone gets 99%, another 94% and another 76%. They are “ranked”. We were not raised to think in terms of pass/fail types of grades.

As a Christian, my concern is whether or not someone gets into heaven. To get in, there are two ways: (1) Score 100% on the test of life. That means ZERO sins. A white lie will get you a failing grade same as being a mass murderer. (2) Accept the payment that Jesus made on the cross for you.

We don’t really believe that “a sin is a sin” in terms of how things are to be handled here on earth. I’m a pretty good “turn the other cheek” kinda guy, but if you pull a knife on my daughter, I’ll disarm you (then you’re friends will call you “lefty” – I meant dis-arm). And having been a probation officer in a high crime part of the country for 9 years, I know that different acts should be responded to differently.

Personally, I don’t worry about “levels of Hell”. I worry about that PASS/FAIL test, and Who has taken it for me.

There are some sins that are greater than others. However, any sin is sufficient to condemn us because it violates the glory of an infinite God. See if this make sense…

If I were to tell lies to my kids, my wife, my employer, and the government, I would experience different levels of consequences even though the sin is the same. The consequences are different because the level of authority of the one I offended is different. Sin is an offense against one of infinite authority therefore the consequences are infinite.

Christians can debate whether or not there are different levels of hell (there is some scriptural support for the idea). It is really a moot point because most would agree that even the lightest level is eternal and terrible and even the best people are destined for it if they reject the mercy of God.

BTW, nobody fully knows the mind of God. However, we know what he reveal to us through the scriptures. That is sufficient to call us to repentance.

sin separates from God. Does it really matter what “level” you are in, in hell? Hell is a place of fire and torment and eternal separation from your Creator/Redeemer. Then the Word says hell is cast into the lake of fire (no mention of “levels”). A lake of fire is just that – a lake of fire. God revealed principles about Himself that are eternal. I have no idea what a Jewish goat herder 2000-5000 years ago specifically thought but does it matter? God’s principles are eternal and are the same whether we are talking about the goat herder or me. It really doesn’t matter what each group “believes” – it matters what God’s Word says. And God’s Word is very clear. Hell is hell, sin is sin and Jesus is the only way of salvation.

I do not think of myself as an “evangelical”. I am absolutely not baptist. And, I am not a literalist. However, I do think all sins are equal. It may be something that other people don’t agree with, but these are my reasons behind it. Christ came to save us from our sins. I believe that he died on the cross for the sins that I committ. When I come to him in prayer, and I admit that I was wrong about something, I am forgiven. God doesn’t say to me, “Wait three days and come back after that for that sin. The other one I can forgive today, but that last one is worse. It’s gotta wait.” God forgives sins. Also, all sin no matter what it is seperates us from the relationship with Christ. If one person lied and another person killed his wife, both are seperated from that relationship with Christ. There is not a greater and lesser seperation. Lastly, you must understand that I am not saying that the CONSEQUENCES of sins are the same. If I lie, someone may be hurt by my lie. If I killed someone, I just may go to jail. Certainly, the earthly consequences of one is greater than the other. But, that doesn’t mean the sin itself isn’t the same in the eyes of God because ALL are forgiven by the death of Christ.

I hope this helps to see where someone is coming from.

Curious, why did you exclude Catholics? Just wondering. You can email me an answer if you wish.


Well you don’t want to hear from me, because you have already informed me of your opinion regarding my faith:

“Dusty Scribe: you make God out to be the worst of the worst, And sorry but it’s YOUR mentally ill beliefs that a sin is a sin, that, or the bronze age men you revere. An all wise all just all knowing creator of the universe is made out by you and your clan into something so awful, it’s hard to see how anyone can stomach your religion.”

So, I reserve the right to remain silent, just as you reserve the right to demean me and my faith.

All sin is the same.
God’s ways are as far above mans’ ways as the sky above the earth
Jesus was not a goat herder

What’s troubling to atheists is that godbots want to inflict religion upon society by bringing it into governments and schools. The only difference between Jerry “the hun” Falwell, the christianazi horde and a “christian nation”, and Osama bin Laden, the Taliban and sharia law is the levels of violence they can get away with.

The yank christianazis have to separate themselves from their christian terrorists (eg. “operation rescue” and abortion clinic bombings) but they share the same demented “thinking”.

The problem isn’t those who want to have their religion.

The problem is those who want _other people_ to have their religion.


that is not about their perception, that is attempting to stress that perception on others. What corporation is it of theirs if someone who isn’t their faith learns evolution or a gay marries? Our guidelines at the on the spot are not meant to help purely one faith. it truly is what makes it bigotry – no longer the perception, the unwillingness to allow yet another to stay with a distinct perception. that is the very definition of bigotry, inspite of it truly is in reaction to. There might want to correctly be a literalist that would not do this, yet there are merely some and they are not those you listen of (or probable those being stated as bigots). i might want to no longer have a difficulty with someone who would not want a gay marriage themselves, or needs to exhibit their children creationism – i don’t know everybody who might want to have situation with that. Making it unlawful for others, and replacing technological awareness for human beings’s children in public college… it truly is fullyyt distinct. also, many of the bible rates that are prevalent are previous testomony, at the same time as huge sections of that are left out. The Bible also says to stay with the regulation on your land and love your associates, even if or not they are sinners. it may well be religious beliefs that they use as arguments, yet they nevertheless use those reachable to them to push an time table.

It really doesn’t matter what I think, or what anyone else thinks for that matter. All that matters is what God Almighty thinks.
Christ Jesus says: If we break one letter of the law, we are guilty of breaking all the law. Sin in any form is rebellion towards God.
God Bless You….Peace.

On case you didnt know Catholics are Christians, in fact they were the first Christians

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