Perceptive Poll: why do some people assume the questions here are directly for them..?

Some could be rhetorical.. and some are simply general !! ..
or Hypothetical (imaginary situations) .. i do ask those sometimes just to get some opinions.. (not to be mistaken as communication) – that will ever only happen via e-mail or in person

is this question directed towards me? it’s definitely directed for me. GUYS, THIS QUESTION IS FOR ME!

I don`t take questions personally on here unless it is obvious Dusty lol …

*lights cigarette*

Dusty… You could have said in an email or something. It’s a bit cruel publishing it like this

I’m just kidding, but yes. I know what you mean.

I don’t know. I never assume such things!

You wanna say that to my face?

Why do you assume we care?

People like to flatter themselves!

ur talking about me….aren’t you?

im sorry Dusty

they usually have my name in them…

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