I locked my keys in the trunk of my car and I can't find my spare set. Who can I call to get the trunk popped

Also, how much does that usually cost?

it’s cheaper if you can get someone to open a door and then you open the trunk. AAA will do it or a locksmith.

Once and only once, and it was so stupid. I must have been really out of it. In high school I was staying over at a friend’s house. I could not find my keys the next morning so I decided to look in my car. There they were still in the ignition. Had I been anywhere other than Danville, my car would have been stolen. I had to call the Danville cops to unlock my car, and they didn’t even ask for ID. But that was not as bad as a friend of mine. She once came into the place where everyone was meeting and said she locked her keys in the car and that she would have to get a hold of her dad to bring spare keys. Everybody told her lets finish shopping first then call your dad. She said, “OK…..but I don’t want to leave me car running”. She locked her keys in the car while it was still on.

as long as your key is not equipped with a computer chip you can take your vin number and proof of ownership to a dealer of that brand of automobile and you can have a key cut that way. If your key has a chip not only will the key be around 100.00 but most dealers need the car there to program the car to the key in that case you would be cheaper to call a locksmith or give your local police a non emergency call they used to help get you back into your locked out car around here it’s worth a shot.

What make/model/year is your car? Someone may be able to figure out where the trunk release is.

Failing that, call a locksmith. The cost depends on where you live, but is usually around $100. If you belong to a motorclub (like AAA, Amoco Motor Club, etc.) check with them first for a discount.

unless your car is from the 70’s there should be a button u can press to pop it, check the glove box its sometimes in there or under the dash or next to the drives seat.

if its a newer or somewhat new car it has a trunk release inside

Local car thief? Nothing!

Failing that – mobile locksmith – probably a fortune!

I could tell you how to break in to your car, but then I would be in for it when the car is reported stolen – right?

see if you can remove your backseat first and gain access to the trunk thataway

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