Obama supporters, exactly what is wrong with 3 strikes you are out law?


Obama's mentor, pastor, and person which titled his book says, that the three strikes you are out law is wrong, and because of it, Goddam America…he goes on to say that 9-11 is our own fault….

What gives?

This guy is a crazy nut job, radical…

Don’t forget Obama’s mentor is also a follower of Louis Farrakhan, renowned Muslim & racist.

In the article you link, Obama’s mentor also compares 9/11 with our bombing Japan in WWII. Last time I checked bombing Japan was in retaliation for their decimating us at Pearl Harbor when we weren’t at war with them. Anyone who would make that comparison is a sick and dangerous man. That Obama would call him friend and mentor makes Obama a very sick and dangerous man.

Specifically on the issue of prisons, there’s no doubt in my mind there may be people there who don’t deserve to be, and there’s not a doubt in my mind that there is inequity in some sentences. I don’t believe there is any racial conspiracy behind that though. Rather it’s due to each state having its own judges and juries and our system which allows a large amount of discretion of the parts of those individuals. I also think people who are completely innocent and wrongly imprisoned are VERY few and far between.

Rather than spout hateful anti-American sentiment, Wright and Obama should work towards changing laws to be more fair and just. Isn’t that what Obama is currently in office to do anyway?


To my friend “another_random_poster” who answered above and asked the question of conservatives about federal regulation. The issue is one of simplicity vs. complexity. If every case that comes before a court requires a judge’s discretion that will create significant time and cost increases. As a conservative I feel we need to simplify government; taxes, courts and everything else. Almost everything about our government is larger and more complex than it needs to be, including the court/prison system. I would favor set sentences for crimes and have that be universal; 30 years for child molesters, 30 years for rapists, 10 years for theft, 20 years for armed theft, life for murderers, and death for multiple or repeat murderers. And for people who commit the same crime 3 or more times; what’s wrong with life? They shouldn’t have committed the crime.

The only thing I would maybe amend is that 3 strikes should not apply to casual drug users, particularly marijuana users.


To my friend “Noelle” who answered also. Obama calls Rev. Wright his mentor. This man performed the wedding ceremony for Obama and his wife, and also Baptised their children. Obama has been his friend and student for 20+ years. Clearly Obama loves this man and what he stands for. He may disagree occasionally, but he believes in the core of what he stands for or he would cease attending this church. He makes statements like the one you referenced largely for the press so that the association doesn’t hurt his political agenda.

Ok,so Obamas pastor is a crack pot. I agree with you, but look at it like this, I am catholic and I used to go to church until I began realizing that the beliefs of the church do not really work with the way our society has changed today. So I stopped going to church. But there are many others like me who believe the same way, but still choose to attend church on sun. It is possible that the reason Obama says this man has been a mentor, is because he has consulted him spiritually. I do however think that if you are going to run for political office that you should be careful who you hang out with because the media scrutinizes anyone you even say hello to. On the issue of 3 strikes, I think it should be 3 felonies, and that the punishments should fit the crime. Ex: If a guys has 2 felonies, and then steals a bike from a kid, he should be senenced on the bike charge, and not the prior felonies. That said, if you have 2 felonies, and you commit murder, you deserve to spend the rest of your life behind bars. I hear that’s hell on earth anyway. If people don’t want to go to jail then I guess they should stop committing crimes!

I am not an obama supporter but I can tell you what I dont like about 3 strikes.

1. Its a form of double jeapordy. Lets say you commit some crime, grand theft or whatever. Ok you get 5 years and you serve 5 years. Fine Done. Thats how our laws work. It is not something that you can be punished for 2 times.
Now some will counter that argument by saying that courts already consider previous offenses, and that is true but you can not get more time for the crime that you have currently been convicted. In other words lets say after your 5 year stint for theft you got bagged for another theft. Lets say 6 years was the maximum you could be given for that, thats the only amount of time you will serve.

2. It increases the amount of time in which a person can serve for any given crime, and often they end up with more time than they could get for all 3 crimes put together.
So if you had been convicted of Felony with 3 years possible 3 times the most you could get for ALL 3 of those crimes is 9 years. But, now you can end up with 25. I dont agree with that.

3. Its expensive. Locking someone up for 25 years is extremely expensive especially when the crimes they have committed might now enumerate to that kind of sentance to begin with.

So those are my issues with 3 strikes your out.

I am an Obama supporter and I have always maintained that Obama has to distance himself from this guy.

Obama has to realize that people (like myself and most probably you too) want a more realistic centrist view of the world, not these crazy right and left wing nut jobs who call all whites racists, or all blacks criminals.

That being said, there is a definition of Justice that you should try and understand. Justice is not justice without compassion. People every day find themselves in situations that they cannot handle. A select few commit crimes. I do not in any way endorse crime, but when someone is down and out and turns to drugs (black or white), we need sympathy, not jail time. When someone is poor (black or white) and turns to stealing bread or money from convenient stores, we need to judge them with sympathy, not cruelty.

Justice is nothing without tolerance. The three strikes law, although it has flaws, is an attempt to introduce a defined set of compassion and tolerance into the law. Of course, every case is different and each crime should be judged independently and so should the appropriate tolerance.

A blanket 3 strikes law may not work too well, but we have to think of something that will be fair and compassionate.

By the way. Poopbah is a straight up racist. Look at his profile. He should be banned.

I believe it is because there are a disproportionate number of blacks committing the crimes. If you saw the stats, blacks make up about 48% of the prison population (not quite sure if that number is correct, but not to far off). Blacks are 13% of the population of the United States. They commit over half of the crimes that will lead to the 3 strikes and your out. Because Obama is black, he wants to support them by giving them chance after chance.
He has already shown his bias towards blacks by fighting to get affirmitive action. That, IMO, is bullsh*t. In today’s society, the U.S., if you cannot make it on your own, white, black, purple, beige, then you should not be given special treatment over someone who is more qualified. Obama is a strong supporter of affirmitve action which let’s underqualified blacks take positions away from more qualified workers/student or anything else that qualifications are the most important thing.

Tom B. -It is not a form of double jeopardy. Double jeopardy is being TRIED for the same crime twice. When someone has commited a crime again, his past can be used in the trial. The evidence of him commiting a crime before is not double jeopardy because he is not on trial for the past offense. He is on trial for the current offense.
In order to prove double jeopardy, the supreme court has come up with the Blockburger Test. This is a test that states that each of the offenses requires proof of a different element. This is the same elements test. There must be an element that is in each offense.
This, tho, is a moot point because he is on trial and indicted for an entirely different crime. He is not on trial for the first crime.

This show the lack of intelligence here on YA .. Let me clarify the three strikes rule is if you are convicted of 3 felonies you don’t get out its a mandatory life sentence. the only issue I have is there’s a lot of Innocent people convicted. Its not all about Innocent until proven guilty its how much money do you have to pay for an attorney. Ever hear the term public pretender?

I agree this will be the issue that keep Obama out of the Oval office,but then again if it werent for the support he has gotten from this and other radical organizations he wouldnt even have gotten this far. Oh well either way he isnt going to be our president unfortunately the other two choices are just as bad.

If you commit a crime, the punishment should fit the crime. Judges should be able to use discretion on a case by case basis, as many times– even on a third offense– the offender is simply not a threat to society and it isn’t worth the money to house and feed them for the rest of their lives.

I thought you conservatives believed in LESS federal regulation…. doesn’t the three-strikes law go against that principle?

They hang on his every word If he claims that he does not share the church’s belief system must be true. yea right…. but some reason he kept attending for 20 years

I think the judge and jury are the best to judge the specific merits of any case. I don’t like mandatory sentences. Mandatory sentences take wisdom out of the process.

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