What can I coat metal in so that it can touch other metals without conducting electricity?

I need the nichrome wire to be able to touch aluminum without having electricity transfer to the aluminum. However, I still need heat to be able to leave the wire.

coat it in the material crucibles (maybe porcelain) are made out of, since that material still allows the transfer of heat, but i doubt it can conduct electricity.

electric powered modern purely potential the action of charged debris. it would want to also be performed via ionic answer which contains salt water, molten salt itself (warm), ionized gases referred to as plasma (warm), superconducting ceramics (chilly), and an electron beam in vacuum (like in a television tube). stick with up. Oh, you advise instantaneous transmission of electric powered potential. that is done with coaching from radiation or, for short distances, *induction*, not conduction. there’s a clean technique of resonant induction that induces currents by a tuned oscillating magnetic container interior an same room or there abouts. You lose lots of the potential, so it truly is only for charging batteries and such.

Ceramic? Pyrex glass tubing? Epoxy? “Sil-Pad” ?
Hard to say as I don’t know your exact requirements or temperature.

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