Why do people get so excited every year about nude-ears Eve?

I admit that I am kind of an ear lobe man myself, but don’t you think that this annual revelry about some dame named Eve with a pair of uncovered ears is a little over the top?

It’s not just about Eve. You’ve forgotten Hank. The best part of the celebration is the song everyone mumbles along to just before they drink the champagne…..this is the only part I know….
♫ Should old acquaintance be forgot….mm mmmm mmmmm…….and old Hank’s sign…… ♪

I have no idea what’s on that sign but we mustn’t forget it. I think it is something to do with the nude ears of Eve. Traditions are very important, Colonel.
” Ear’s to you! May you always mustard up the courage to
ask life’s toughest questions.”

Dress up in some crazy outfits. Crank the stereo really loud (it’s the one midnight of the year that you can get away with lots of noise!) Rent some musical instruments form the music store and have a big jam session.(well-that could get expensive, especially if stuff gets broken!) Sing some rehearsed songs at full glorious volume! Karaoke with some favourite CD’s Have a big feast! Have a major pillow or popcorn fight! Or if you tucker out you can have a game of poker or play some cool board game. The game risk is a great game for more than three people and lasts until dawn! There is also a fun game you can play with a dictionary, if you are really tuckered out. This is more fun than it sounds: Have someone elected as the word-master. This word master holds the dictionary and reads out a definition of a noun, and the word master also states the first letter in the mystery word. Two or more people are the guessers and each try to be the first to yell out what the mystery word is. One point is awarded to the person making the correct guess. The word master keeps track of the score, and when one person scores 10 points (10 correct guesses) they are the new word master and the old word master hands over the dictionary and joins the guessers. Guessers YELL out their guesses whenever they want and don’t need to go in order. This makes for a loud load of laughs! I call it the ‘Dictionary Game’, and my students love it more than any other game! HAPPY NEW YEAR! (be good)

Why do people get so excited??? Good gosh man…. this is the one night a year when Eve finally shaves her ears. The other 364 days they are hairier than a monkey. So get your pork rinds and six pack and find a good spot on the sofa to watch the festivities. It’s just about time to watch the fur ball drop in fine hair!

but those are some sexy ear lobes

Any reason to party…

Eat, drink, and be Mary.

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