If there's a major terrorist attack against the USA within the next few years, will people blame Obama?

Will some people automatically blame President Obama for not keeping us same, when in fact such an attack could occur no matter what we do?

Anything good, liberals and the adoring media will credit to Obama.

Anything bad, including an attack on the U.S., will have the blame back-dated to Bush.

*Despite* that Obama has closed Guantanamo Bay, and has suspended prosecution of all Al Qaida prisoners.
And *despite* that Obama has restricted interrogation of Al Qaida prisoners to wimpy levels that guarantee no information will be gained from them.
And *despite* that Obama is hell-bent on a hasty withdrawal from Iraq, that could undo all the work and sacrifice of our military to bring peace and stability there.

Yes, some will blame him. But that “some” will be the ones who hated the man Obama from Jump Street. And anything that happens under his watch will be blamed on him by those people. However, if you’ve noticed. Obama is not hated by foreigners like Bush was. Not of that magnitude anyway. And that makes a HUGE difference. Also, Obama hasn’t started any unjust wars like Bush did. He will be hated by some foreigners if he continues to keep the troops on their land. And you can’t even blame those people for being mad about something like that. This country would be royally pissed too if troops from another country were trying to call the shots here. The best policy is to stay out of others affairs, and take care of your own place.

I speculate there’ll be yet another substantial terrorist attack throughout Obama’s 4 3 hundred and sixty 5 days term. i’ve got faith that it is going to likely be plenty greater devastating than the 9/11 international commerce Towers attack. I easily have a hunch that the photos that Obama is permitting to be shown relating to the meant “torture” will deliver approximately international terrorist assaults.

That would depend…. who will Obama be blaming???? See Bush tried to pass the buck to Clinton….
No body started to play the Blame game until Bush himself started it….
IF Obama tried to blame Bush or the previous admistration then yes I would….. however If Obama took the blame then there would be no need seeing as he already would have pointed it out….

But see Unlike Bush Obama I don’t think Obama would blame Bush… I might be wrong… but thus far if Obama doesn’t understand something he asks…. He would rather know what’s what then appear to have all the answers…. when it comes to signing thing…

Why not blame him the radicals blamed Bush for doing nothing during 9/11 and then tried to say he had some kind of role in a conspiracy.

We should blame the attackers. Terrorists can pop up anywhere, there is no defense against them.

No they will blame Bush and if there is one in Australia we will all blame him and his buddy John Howard for shaking the tiger by the tale.

Depends if it was some 1 obama tried to be friends with by openeing trade and stuff like that yes

I would blame him

If you want the job of President you also take the blame.

many people will be blamed…

it also depends on who does the attack…

the blame will be less if no one thought the person/group was a threat…

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