Does the Westboro Baptist Church really believe what they're saying that God hates American soldiers?

Wouldn’t it be nice if somehow we could ship all of them to North Korea to see if they would then say God hates the North Korean soldiers?

Probably not.

They have a racket going – piss as many people off as possible until someone crosses the line, then sue the snot out of them in court for $$$. Several of the members are lawyers, including Fred Phelps himself, though he has been disbarred.…

These people are more hate filled than I’ve ever seen. They are truly inspired by satan. Satan works within the church, not just without. They make Christianity look truly hateful and it’s a very sad thing to see.

I don;’t think that can happen because they wouldn’t win any lawsuits there. I’ve been convinced that the WBC is all about suing people who go too far in getting back at them.

edit: The WBC isn’t interested in things like God. It’s a facade.

The WBC operates on 3 things.
1. attention
2. money from lawsuits
3. ego

Yes, i believe they are genuine, but you have to remember that they’re basically just one family and their church isn’t accepted as part of the Baptist Union. It’s just Fred Phelps and his insanity really.

These people preach HATE in the name of God! Show me in ANY New Testament scripture, where God says He Hates ANYONE or His Creation! These people are just as guilty as radical Islam!

Try this website. I agree with this website what is meant by God Hating SOMETHING or THINGS that people are doing, NOT his creation!…

I wouldn’t be surprised if a loving god hated all soldiers. Do you think god loves American’s who kill people, but not foreigners who kill Americans? Either God loves absolutely everyone, or soldiers are gonna be some of the first ones in hell.

Yes, I think they believe it. They suffer far to many threats/attacks on them and their children, they wouldn’t continue if they didn’t believe it.

You can find a bible verse that supports the eating of babies on saturday if you can misinterpret it enough.

Westboro spends days finding bible verses so they can go hate people with the reason of religion behind them

They lost their marbles dearie. But seems that only Nathan Phelos was able to find them; the rest of them refuse to look.

The great shame of Christianity is that the WBC is as valid an interpretation of the Bible as any other, maybe even moreso since they are literal adherents.

That hatrid is part of that religion. It is born of the idea of sin.

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