Why did the treaty of versailles make another major war in europe far more likely?

Even though the 1st world war was supposed to end all wars?

year 9 exam question- history – topic- treaty of versailles

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The Treaty of Versailles made another major war in Europe far more likely because the Treaty itself made Germany give up its main industrial land. This made Germany’s economy go down. People where literaly brining wheel barrels of money in just to get some food for the day. Germany’s forces where reduced to 100,000 men aloowed. This also meant Germany could go in no other war. After Hitler came to power in 1934 he refused to pay the repriation costs to the allies who did nothing. After that Hitler got all the “reserve” troops in the army secreatly. The Treaty left Germany in such a bad state that the only thing that could help Germany rebuild was to get their industrail land back. Which of cource caused the Second world War!

Because it was unworkable and left Germany so crippled (by war reparations) and aggrieved that it became desperate enough to go to war again (especially after the global economic meltdown following the Wall Street Crash). Suffice to say after WW2 the only thing which would satisfy the Allies was Unconditional Surrender – no Paris Peace Conference and no Peace Treaties. The United Nations which we now have has more teeth than the League of Nations which was set up after WW1 to enforce the Treaty – rendered ineffective largely by America’s refusal to join.

Treaty of Versailles was an imposed treaty by he Allied powers to the defeated nations specially on Germay in the first world war.It was made to cripple Germany which humiliated the pride of Germans.
German military was crippled , Germay was made to pay heavy war reparation initially in cash & later in installments.
The first World war divested Germany , there was terrible economic problems , unemployment, poverty, in such situation they were made to pay reparation which was completely unjust . Defeat it self is humuliating, above that economic torture turned the humiliation into revenge.Every German heart was burning with the spirit of revenge . so , they blindly accept Adolf Hitler who assured them to bring back lost glory.
So, the Treaty of Versailles became one of the major reasons for the second World War.

Because it resolved none of the issues which caused the war. Primarily it embittered Germany and did not sufficiently reduce Germany’s power . . . and those two facts led directly to World War II, which more adequately addressed the issues, but at a tremendous cost.

the harsh penalty that the Allies imposed on Germany.

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